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This year Halloween would be a lot more creative than most, I can just picture all the caution around trick or treat because of the times we find ourselves in. A lot of folks will create fun and new ways to enjoy this Halloween, I for one will, in more ways than one. 

The Halloween ghost abstract Art I made, is one form of been in the Halloween spirit and adding a bit of fun to this season. Halloween costumes will be very exciting to make but simple Halloween t-shirt ensemble will do for some of us, that are busy or less creative.

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As I made this Halloween artwork I thought of a less scarier ghost that is friendly and fun because we have all through very scary times already.

I just wanted this abstract artwork to represents a fun ghost personality rather than a grim and scary one.

 This Halloween ghost series is for everyone and I hope we all have fun on Halloween....Happy Halloween 2021

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Miabo Enyadike

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