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Garden flower drawings to View By Miabo Enyadike

  Garden flower drawings to View                                  Eucalyptus Plant, Ink Drawing, Miabo Enyadike  FLOWERS IN MY PEN GARDEN.                     Dianthus sp. Flower, drawing by Miabo Enyadike D rawing with pen is another form of art I indulge in once a while. It is truly relaxing, but a little tricky.                  Shop Abstract Paintings  here The good thing though, is this is for someone like me, who is hands on , restless and free spirited. A little bit of something dainty to work on, keeps me grounded and I love that. When I found this book in a flea market, it had all these wonderful gorgeous flowers in it, I knew I had to have it.  Tulips: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 25cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike The thought of drawing them in black and white was appealing to me, then came interpreting my  thoughts  about each flower  on paper. I used a black ink pen and that to me was daunting especially after several mistakes.        

Illustration Art design Ideas by Oluwapelumi Janet Ayokunle

        Fashion Illustrator: Janet Ayokunle Janet Ayokunle is a fashion illustrator whose illustrations are colorful, intricate and she is inspired by society issues and her very personal experiences in life. Her art story is one that is interesting to listen to and share, because she has turned her pain into something creative and captivating.  The way her illustrations tell a story around her view on fashion is really interesting and I love that.  H er designs and dimensions are precise in a way that gives the client a realistic fantasy of what they will look like in a fashion ensemble, before hand.  She creates very detailed illustrations because she believes in what she does and her duty to clients is important. In her heart, it helps her well being that her clients are satisfied. This is the back story of her art: "I am inspired by my pains, my hurts, by my Joys. I am inspired by the stories of people, their tears, their pains and

Multidimensional Artist Adeola Balogun Art blog by Miabo Enyadike

Multidimensional Sculptor Adeola Balogun, has been an accomplished sculptor in the Nigerian Art scene for years, his sculpture pieces are part of the social fabric of Lagos state in Nigeria were he lives as a professional Artist/full time lecturer and Head of Department- Fine Art, School of Art, Design & Printing. Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. He's  works are recognizable in the city where he has built his Art career, spanning over 20 years and they could be referred to as landmarks.  Adeola's ability to create sculpture pieces with whatever material he chooses is deliberate and well thought out not based on sentiments or economic status, they are based on awareness and Social-Political trends.  He has created master piece after master piece, in different mediums creating a distinct style for his art.  This time my focus in this blog, is his deliberate use of 'Tires' an obscure and rather difficult material to work w

Decoupage Plate Ideas To Make By Miabo Enyadike

Decoupage Plate Ideas To Make   Art and craft projects on plates are rare for me, it is not that I don't enjoy creating plate projects, they are just far and in-between other Art things I'm doing. And this simple Art project is about Paris and my memories of all things vintage.  I decided to create decoupage on this subject, using old porcelain plates, mod podge and free printable from Pinterest. SHOP HERE TO BUY ARTPRINTS IN PAYHIP.COM I set out to the flea market,with one purpose, it was different this time. I was in the lookout, for vintage  Crockeries plain and simple. Something I could use to re-purpose with mod podge and some free vintage printable I had just obtained. The plate hunting turned out great, and I decided a rather dusty, vintage very very worn out, look would suit my  project. SHOP HERE IN ZAZZLE.COM I chose Paris, as my underlining subject, in both a subtle and bold way to create a vintage Paris, travel adventure.   One I know, I had undertaken myself visiti