Garden flower drawings to View By Miabo Enyadike

  Garden flower drawings to View

                                 Eucalyptus Plant, Ink Drawing, Miabo Enyadike


Dianthus sp. Flower, drawing by Miabo Enyadike

Dianthus sp. Flower, drawing by Miabo Enyadike

Drawing with pen is another form of art I indulge in once a while. It is truly relaxing, but a little tricky.

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The good thing though, is this is for someone like me, who is hands on , restless and free spirited. A little bit of something dainty to work on, keeps me grounded and I love that.

When I found this book in a flea market, it had all these wonderful gorgeous flowers in it, I knew I had to have it. 

Tulips: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 25cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

Tulips: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 25cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

The thought of drawing them in black and white was appealing to me, then came interpreting my thoughts about each flower on paper.
I used a black ink pen and that to me was daunting especially after several mistakes.

Daffodils: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 20cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike
Daffodils: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 20cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

Finally, I cracked the code 'PATIENCE AND RESPECT' for the plant!.
This meant I had to read about each flower,I had selected to draw, let's be clear I hate biology.

Sunflower: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 30cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike
Sunflower: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 30cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

 Then I had to see them in real life, which meant going from one flower store, to another. 


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 I knew I was, wearing down the sales people with questions, and not buying flowers from the store after all that questioning, was really annoying to the sales person.

Aster: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 30cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike
Aster: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 30cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

It did not  matter. I was on a quest, and  a few angry looks was not going to put me off.I was going to draw these flowers ,they were important to me and I love a challenge.

Marigold: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 15cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike
Marigold: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 15cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike


I eventually got all the information I needed, sat down, night after night and drew these flowers, just the way I saw them in my mind.

Saffron: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 20cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike
Saffron: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 20cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike

  My interest in flowers stems from my love for natures colors and beauty. 

 flowers are part of nature and so they form part of our natural habitat and the presence of flowers and the subtle message, it brings with its calm beauty cannot be overemphasized...... Enjoy.

Tulips: Pen and Ink: Drawing: 25cmx30cm: Miabo Enyadike


Illustration Art design Ideas by Oluwapelumi Janet Ayokunle

       Fashion Illustrator: Janet Ayokunle

Janet Ayokunle is a fashion illustrator whose illustrations are colorful, intricate and she is inspired by society issues and her very personal experiences in life. Her art story is one that is interesting to listen to and share, because she has turned her pain into something creative and captivating. 

The way her illustrations tell a story around her view on fashion is really interesting and I love that. 

Her designs and dimensions are precise in a way that gives the client a realistic fantasy of what they will look like in a fashion ensemble, before hand. 

She creates very detailed illustrations because she believes in what she does and her duty to clients is important. In her heart, it helps her well being that her clients are satisfied.

This is the back story of her art:

"I am inspired by my pains, my hurts, by my Joys. I am inspired by the stories of people, their tears, their pains and their strength."

"I have battled depression and ill health for many years and I understand what it means to just close my eyes and forget my pains for a second as I envision my self in a place of serenity, peace and beauty.

 So each time I paint portraits of people, I try to put myself in their shoes. 

I want to just imagine their pains, their storms and their tales, then I just paint and twitch one or two things on the painting."

" These twitches could be on their outfits, their jewelries, makeup or even their hairstyles. These changes give their portraits a big lift which in turn makes them smile when they see it."

"That emotional expression of joy from my client is something I can't compare to anything. 

That is what I live for. I started sketching with a ball pen, pencils, water colors, paints, color pencils etc, presently I paint digitally on my Android phone with a stylus pen."

Brief Bio

"My name is Oluwapelumi Janet Ayokunle. I am from Ekiti state. I belong to a family of four and was born on the 16th of August 1990 in Lagos State Nigeria."

"I have a first degree in Architecture from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology."

"I am a Self taught Fashion Illustrator and Portrait Artist. I use a medium of water color, ball point pen, color pencils etc. Presently I use the digital medium using Auto desk Sketchbook pro app on my phone. I started officially about 2 years now."

"A Self taught Phone photographer. I make use of my Android phone camera to create and edit amazing images."

"Exhibiting and showcasing my Art on Social media platforms have been base for advertising and marketing. So many feedback from this have been immensely encouraging."

Instagram: Pels_Design
Facebook: Pel's Design



Multidimensional Artist Adeola Balogun Art blog by Miabo Enyadike

Multidimensional Sculptor Adeola Balogun, has been an accomplished sculptor in the Nigerian Art scene for years, his sculpture pieces are part of the social fabric of Lagos state in Nigeria were he lives as a professional Artist/full time lecturer and Head of Department-Fine Art, School of Art, Design & Printing. Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa.

He's works are recognizable in the city where he has built his Art career, spanning over 20 years and they could be referred to as landmarks. 

Adeola's ability to create sculpture pieces with whatever material he chooses is deliberate and well thought out not based on sentiments or economic status, they are based on awareness and Social-Political trends.

 He has created master piece after master piece, in different mediums creating a distinct style for his art. 

This time my focus in this blog, is his deliberate use of 'Tires' an obscure and rather difficult material to work with in which he has created an entire series of Tyre sculptures around folklore, culture, politics, society and environmental consciousness.

 An Art series that has been both fascinating and interesting to collectors, who have for years collected Adeola's unique sculptor pieces all over the world.

As an Artist myself, I write about Artist's whose works I admire and the difference they are making with their art and I think Adeola is one such artists... Enjoy this.... 


Tamed Steel, welded horse shoes
Tamed Steel, Welded horse Shoes,
 209cm x 114cm x 7cm


My creative trajectory straddles diverse media and processes in espousing my visual deliberations.

Conscious of the notion that every discard/ found object seethes with previous history and latent possibilities, I always seek to collaborate or imbue encountered materials, which have seemingly lost their primary usefulness with new meaning in relation to my subject matter. Used pneumatic tires are regarded as

The Master Drummer
Shredded tyres, Steel and Talking Drum.

a worldwide menace due to their non-biodegradable nature which ironically makes them a veritable medium for my studio practice.

 In this regard, discarded objects, such as rubber Tyre, horse shoes and sundry discarded materials have been extensively explored to engage subjects as diverse as politics, culture, nature, humanity and survival in a multi-layered dimension. 

Defense Mechanism 2, Shredded Tires, mild steel
 120cm x 72cm x 68cm

Exploring disused objects or materials in my studio practice is neither due to the dearth of fresh materials nor being shrewd with resources to work with. Rather, I am driven by the need to recognize and respect the inherent value of every creation and transmute it in the creation of objects of contemplation and critical engagement without being devoid of aesthetic value. 

Discarded mechanical parts, bronze pieces, acrylic pigments, are at times, applied unconventionally to heighten aesthetic appeal.
Used and new musical instruments, such as talking-drum, saxophone and trumpets are infused into some of the works, not only to enhance their visual appeal but to serve as metaphorical allusions to issues I feel strongly about.

 Mind blowing 1, shredded tires,mild steel, saxophone, glass fiber
                              92cm x 65cm x 48cm

People, places, books, music, myths, folklore and disused/ready-made objects do serve as stimulus for my visual contemplation's and multidimensional explorations in different mediums.


Adeola Balogun combines a fully engaged studio practice with an academic career at Nigeria’s premier tertiary institution, The Yaba College of Technology.

He was born November 17th, 1966 at Ota in Ogun State, Nigeria. He graduated from Yaba College of Technology, with specialization in sculpture (1993/94) and Masters in Fine Art (MFA, Sculpture) at the University of Benin (2001/4), Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

He bagged his PhD in Sculpture (2020) at Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State.  

Endless Gyration 1, Woven Tyre, mild steel
120cm x 72cm x 68cm

After his National Youth Service in his alma-matter (Yaba College of Technology), he was immediately reabsorbed as an academic staff in 1995.

He won the award for Best Student in life-drawing and sculpture in 1993/94 set. Faculty award of Visual Experimentalist of the Decade (2011) was conferred on him in view of his visual explorations.

Mind blowing 2, shredded tires,mild steel, saxophone, glass fiber


He held the curatorial portfolio for the Yusuf Grillo Gallery (2005-2012), during which he was able to successfully organize several art exhibitions for both staff and non-staff of the institution.

Amongst these shows were: “The Way We Are” (2005), by a group of artists in the school known as Danfo Project, “The Seed Phenomenon” (2006) was a solo exhibition by his humble self, “Unframed, Untamed” (2007), a solo exhibition by Raqib Bashorun, “Memories” was by renowned painter, Kolade Oshinowo, in 2008. 

Adeola Balogun has staged over a dozen of  solo exhibitions which include: Current Rhythm, CAMAA (2019), Institute of African studies, UI, Bubbles of Emotion (2017) at Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, Connections I & II(2015), at Ashley Gallery and Pumphause Gallery, Uttesberg and Trollhattan, respectively, Sweden (2015).

Mirage (2014), Quintessence Gallery, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, Matter Redirected I & II, Ashley Gallery, Uttesberg and Pumphause Gallery, Trollhattan, Sweden, Soundspiration (2013), Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, Ants and Giants (2011), Quintessence Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos, Infinite Patterns (2009)),  Nike Art Gallery, Lekki, Lagos, The Seed Phenomenon (2006) amongst others. 

He has also participated in several group shows and a number of commissioned projects within Nigeria and beyond are to his credit. He was artist-in residency in 2013 and 2015 in Ashley Gallery, Uttesberg, Sweden, artist-in residency, ArtHub (2014), AbuDhabi, UAE amongst others.


The Percussionist, woven tires, mild steel, talking drum and discussion

 Some of his selected public commissioned works include the late Michael Ibru statue (bronze, 2017), at Michael & Cecilia Bru University, Delta State.

The late Ayangburen of Ikorodu statue (2015), Ikorodu, Lagos, Obafemi Awolowo (19ft) statue, at Allen round-about, Ikeja, Funso Williams bronze statue (18ft), at Western Avenue round-about, now named after Funso Williams, and Sir John Glover and Madam Tinubu’s bronze busts, at the foyer of Union Bank building in Marina, Lagos, Nigeria.

Towards Achieving Distinction (welded metal sculpture, 25ft) and Symbol of Justice and Culture statue (bronze sculpture 26ft), commissioned by (Egnr.) Yemisi Shyllon were installed in the University of Ibadan campus in Oyo State (2009) and University of Lagos (2015), Nigeria respectively.

History (2015), a welded steel sculpture(11ft) and Outflow, an installation, are both at Galleri Ashley collection, Uteshberg, Sweden. 

Endless Gyration 2, Woven Tyre, mild steel
126cm x 55cm x 38cm

He has participated in several seminars and conferences both within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Some of the workshops he has participated/facilitated include: Harmattan Workshop, organized by Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation, Nigeria, Quintessence Nigeria Limited in conjunction with Gallery Ashley’s Workshop, Sweden and Art Hub workshop, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  

        Tamed Steel, Welded horse Shoes, 209cmx114cmx7cm

A large body of Balogun’s life-size bronze sculpture and Tyre works can be found in OYASAF collection, a private art foundation, established by Prince Yemisi Shyllon. Other notable art collectors and institutions in possession of his works in Nigeria and in the diaspora are: Galleri Asley, Galleri Trollhattan, and Kulturhuset Koren in Sweden, ArtHub, AbuDhabi, UAE, Ford Foundation, Pan African University, Nigerian Breweries, American International School amongst others.

Adeola  Balogun (PhD)
HoD, Fine Art Department, School of Art, Design & Printing
Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos.

Endless Gyration 2, Woven Tyre, mild steel
126cm x 55cm x 38cm

Decoupage Plate Ideas To Make By Miabo Enyadike

Decoupage Plate Ideas To Make  

Art and craft projects on plates are rare for me, it is not that I don't enjoy creating plate projects, they are just far and in-between other Art things I'm doing.

And this simple Art project is about Paris and my memories of all things vintage.

 I decided to create decoupage on this subject, using old porcelain plates, mod podge and free printable from Pinterest.


I set out to the flea market,with one purpose, it was different this time. I was in the lookout, for vintage  Crockeries plain and simple.

Something I could use to re-purpose with mod podge and some free vintage printable I had just obtained.


The plate hunting turned out great, and I decided a rather dusty, vintage very very worn out, look would suit my project.



I chose Paris, as my underlining subject, in both a subtle and bold way to create a vintage Paris, travel adventure.


 One I know, I had undertaken myself visiting markets, old Chateaus, Art galleries, and street markets.....


 I simply told a story about my impression of all the historic places I visited with the help of free printable downloads and mod podge......

-Old white porcelain plate
-Mod podge
-Craft Paper Printable
-Craft Knife or Scissors.
-Clear Varnish

-Clean the plate surface very well with soap and water
-Apply the Mod podge on the plate and the back of the craft paper and stick it to the plate.
-Smooth it out gently to avoid bubbles
-leave to dry for 3 hrs
-Then seal it with a lacquer varnish.
For mine, I stained my paper with watercolor to age it before letting it dry and spray paint.


 Having said that, I love mod podge projects on plates, I see these plate surfaces as a canvas. I hope you enjoy making yours.