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By - Miabo Enyadike


 Exploring the Artistic Style and Creative Process of a Talented Artist

There is a creative style and process an artist, over many years of practice, is naturally attracted to adopt simply because it is accurate in depicting an idea and relaying it with ease with a  profound message to an audience. 

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This piece falls in a series of works that attempts to freeze my daily observations within my geographical space in time. Flowers in my neighborhood are a normal visual element and how they appear at different times of the day with various weather conditions is what informed my choice of color. 

Artmiabo blog

This flower is a red bulb plant in a vase filled with water, delicately painted in abstract expressionism. Yellow which is symbolic of the sun is flushed with red strokes to amplify the transformation a single flower can undergo in a day due to varying atmospheric conditions to convey the message that the behavior of almost everything in nature is influenced and results from the interaction of energies, thoughts, ideas, and other ephemeral quantities.

Artmiabo blog

 I incorporated Blue to reflect what is (WATER) but invisible because of the opaque nature of the flower vase and green to impress life, growth, and progress.

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