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Joy of Creating Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike

 Joy of Creating Abstract Art     INTRODUCTION   Art comes in different forms and styles,then there is abstract art!.                      THE SUN IN THE SKY;INK ON PAPERBOARD;ABSTRACT ART;                                         MIABO ENYADIKE It is always refreshing and intriguing,relaying a message that is interpreted differently, by each individual.                       THE ANATOMY;INK ON PAPER BOARD;ABSTRACT ART;                                 MIABO ENYADIKE BUY ABSTRACT ART   It keeps our minds wondering, with questions after questions, playing in our heads like what on earth was  the artist thinking?.                               CHAOS; INK ON PAPER BOARD;ABSTRACT ART;                                       MIABO ENYADIKE You might also like 12 REASONS WHY WE LOVE ABSTRACT: ART BLOG BY MIABO ENYADIKE HOW TO USE ABSTRACT PAINTING FOR MESSAGING: ARTIST BLOG BY MIABO ENYADIKE   Artist Inspiration Why did the ar

Abstract Mixed Media Art Garden of Eden | Artmiabo

Abstract Mixed Media Art Garden of Eden RED VEGETATION The story of the garden of Eden, in the bible never grows old on this "gal". I always gasp, with pleasure each time I read it.  My imagination tends to run wild, on what the place would have looked like, and how it felt, to live in such beauty and serenity devoid of any form of pollution or noise, except for the animals.  YELLOW VEGETATION I have truly on several occasions, stretched my imagination beyond my normal capacity, to envisage what that place, represented visually unfortunately I am limited by my own imagination, about this biblical place. PURPLE VEGETATION I decided, it is time I put these thoughts, on paper.  I used ink, my favorite medium at the moment, and old magazine cut outs, to create an abstract mixed media.                                                                                                    GREEN VEGETATION  I know in our individual hearts and minds, we all

Vintage Fashion Drawings and Illustrations | Miabo Enyadike

 Vintage Fashion Drawings and Illustrations  Fashion Illustration  Style, evolves and always will. I love vintage fashion, and the appeal for me is Marie Antoinette,   the controversial  young wife of Louis Xvi of France, who became queen consort of France and Navarre from  1774-1792.  I am in total agreement with her fashion sense, though this took place long ago in another era. I simply can't get enough.  I am currently in a fashion school as my curiosity for the art of fashion deepens, I find myself, in an arena where creativity is key and style is the winner.  In my mind as an established artist, I often pause and ponder,  exactly what I would have designed if I lived in the Marie Antoinette era in Paris of course........? These are some of interpretations. .........ENJOY.                           ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–                      Miabo Enyadike