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Check out These Modern Abstract Art | Miabo Enyadike

Shop These Modern Abstract Art Extending Boundaries With Art                                            Abstract Face of A lady Miabo Enyadike Art is Universal I always say, there are no boundaries. I make "Art the way I see it” and I work hard to make that happen. I see no trends, boundaries or genres. Floating Woman in Colors Miabo Enyadike Artmiabo means Art by Miabo it is a definition of who I am....So when RtistiQ in Singapore, sent me an invitation to be on their online gallery I was not surprised, but I sat on the invitation for weeks. I already sell my Artworks on so many platforms from Tokyo Japan, America, Africa, Europe and my own website, but after several reminders from them, I made a decision to oblige their request and I am impressed with their professionalism. Floating Man in Colors

Check out New Plant Based Designed Throw Pillows | Artmiabo

  Shop these Plant based Designed Throw pillows in Zazzle  Plant Based Design Round Pillow  |  artmiabo Throw pillows always add a certain type of flair to a sofa, bed and change the mood of a space.  These floral throw pillows are no exception, they can be used in the bedroom, living room, office space even as bridal shower gifts and baby shower gifts. Tropical Flower Garden Lumbar Pillow by artmiabo  They are photos, paintings and drawings by Miabo Enyadike,and they add an artistic botanical flair to your living space.  I hope you enjoy viewing them, there are warranties, terms and conditions as well as shipping info attached to each pillow design and purchase. SHOP  EACH PILLOW  BELOW. Green Plant Based Design Lumbar Pillow by artmiabo Green Plant Design Lumbar Pillow by artmiabo Green Flower botanical trendy Lumbar Pillow by artmiabo Retro Daisy botanical garden stylish boho chic Throw Pillow by artmiabo Lavender flower botanical gard

Check out an Abstract Blue Silhouette to Shop

Shop this  Modern Abstract Art | Blue Silhouette   Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette  By  Miabo Enyadike                                                      Shop this  Art in THE STORY OF THE BLUE SILHOUETTE  WOMAN- ABSTRACT PAINTING   The blue silhouette woman painting is an abstract expressionism painting made with Ink, spray paint, stencil on paper board.  This painting is set in a cultural backdrop where certain women are not recognized in their society other than being mothers and wives.  I see them as shadows who are ignored and just passing through life like Silhouettes.                   Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette   By  Miabo Enyadike The reason for the title Blue Silhouette is inspired by the fact that the color blue is cool and calm.  It is the color of the sky that these women live under, and look up to when in despair, and the color of the sea that is part of their landscape.    Abstract Art | Blue Woman Silhouette By Miabo Enyadike Co