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Rope Basket Ideas out there By Miabo Enyadike

Rope Basket Ideas out there  Crocheting and Knitting materials,  are every where as the winter season continues. Every craft store, departmental store even pharmaceuticals are stocking all sorts of wool or knitting kits. I enjoy, both crocheting and Knitting, and at the moment, I'm getting ready for Art exhibitions in the month,of June and July respectively. The only way,to get my nerves down and relaxed, is crocheting cotton ropes into my favorite gift item, which is  the collapsible rope baskets. I crochet them,as gifts I give as birthday presents, etc down the year. The best time for me, to actually sit and concentrate on this rather strange hobby of mine, is when I am a bit at odds with my brushes, canvas and paint. It keeps me focused and renews my thought process by giving me a handle on my creative confusion! I really don't make a lot, because it gets a bit tiring and I then, go back to my Art again. I use an acrylic pin, a lar

Colorful beads and stones for necklaces by Miabo Enyadike

Colorful beads and stones for necklaces   Ethnic Colorful beads that are made in West Africa, are used to create all sorts of traditional jewelry for men and women, in Africa.  They are handmade, hand-painted and really colorful.   I collected quite a few, on my last trip to Lagos and redesigned them, by incorporating  hand-painted wooden beads,  in order to create a  bohemian look that  cuts across cultures.                                                                                                     MIABO  ENYADIKE


Sometimes we have it all planned and it goes well as planned. Other times not so well, or not at all.       Dress  illustration; Ink on paperboard; by Miabo Enyadike                                          SOLD I planned to spend the day, painting a series of acrylic paintings,but found myself in my studio, dreaming about getting a new wardrobe and how to tend to my over grown garden. Wardrobe; Illustration Ink on Paperboard; miabo enyadike SOLD                                                                                            Boots illustration;by miabo enyadike                                                                                     Boots illustration;by miabo enyadike                                                          Next thing I knew I had board paper in my hands, ink and pen and was simply doodling or illustrating my exact thoughts on paper .   Garden illustration; Ink on paperboard; by Miabo Enyadike ART FO