Landscape Photographer Willem Vermeer Exhibiting at Artmiabo International Art Festival AMIAF Lagos, 2022

Profile of Landscape Photographer Willem Vermeer        

Willem Vermeer
Willem Vermeer

Willem, is a photographer of the Lagos sea shores and an environmentalist. In the last few years he has curated Artmiabo
Exhibitions and this year, he is in charge of curating the festival.

His photos tell a story about Lagos which is an Island with several beaches in its shores, where 'Lagosians' as the people of Lagos are referred too, all go to relax and unwind leaving the hustle and bustle behind.


Willem Vermeer is a retired marketing professional from the Netherlands with over 35 years’ experience with over 20 years in Nigeria. He has a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Economics from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands (1976).

Willem Vermeer

From 1976 to 1999, he worked in various European Marketing & Sales and Research Management positions for International companies like Rank Xerox, Beiersdorf NV (Nivea), Friesland Dairy Foods (now Royal Friesland Campina) and GFK/IRI Market Research.

He has contributed to the growth of international and national brands such as Rank Xerox, Nivea, L’Oréal, Peak Milk, Three Crowns Milk to mention a few whilst he also held several management positions in construction and agricultural organizations.

Willem Vermeer

Vermeer has utilized his experience and extensive practical knowledge as an independent consultant for entrepreneurs and new organisations entering Nigeria. 

His journey into the world of photography began as a hobby that has now grown into a passionate and tireless quest to document ‘moments of life and nature’.

Willem Vermeer

Vermeer is a passionate humanitarian who also currently curates some Nigerian artists as well as supports a Nigerian based football academy. 

Artist’s Statement

I am an enthusiastic photographer of life, people, nature, land- and sea-scapes, pollution and more.

Photography for me is a way of trying to bring out “moments” such that the image reveals a kind of beauty and emotions that people don’t often see nor are aware of, ordinarily.

To watch subjects through a lens forces you to isolate it but what is most important, at that instance, is to be conscious of what makes your shot not just a “picture” but an “image”. 

So, I am patient enough to watch what is happening around me before I shoot. Actually, what I have observed is that behind my camera I am a totally different person.


 We look forward to Willems Seascape and Landscape Photography at the ARTMIABO INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL, LAGOS NIGERIA, 202229TH APRIL - 1ST MAY 2022.




Multimedia Artist and Guinness World Record Achiever Yusuf Durodola Exhibiting at Artmiabo International Art Festival, Lagos 2022.

Multimedia Artist and Guinness World Record Achiever Yusuf Durodola,  Exhibiting at Artmiabo International Art Festival, Lagos 2022

Multimedia Artist Yusuf Durodola
Yusuf Durodola

Yusuf Durodola is a what we call a quintessential artist, one who has created for himself a quality of Art that defines who he is as an artist.

He is a painter, a performance artist, sculptor, graphic artist and curator.

Also he is an Artist who is concerned about waste objects and a sustainable way it can be repurposed into Art.

He uses artistic and creative ways to interpret his point of view with discarded objects into Art, are the reasons we are thrilled to have Yusuf exhibit at the Artmiabo International Art Festival AMIAF

Multimedia Artist Yusuf Durodola


As a multimedia communicator and dynamic artist, my interest lies in my ability to infuse different art forms into my performance, thus projecting issues that surround human existence while also exploring issues bordering on environmental pollution, echo system, socio-political imbalance, festivities, culture, and sensitization.

 My practice seeks to engage and spur minds towards a state of consciousness. I employ African symbols and draw inspiration from Yoruba cosmology (language, philosophy, adages, oral tradition, and moral expression).

These include the culture of my immediate environment, oftentimes projected through different art forms. Based on my belief that art has a strong connection to our sustainability, I use my body as a mobile object in public spaces to bring the healing power of art to the consciousness of the populace.

My penchant for pattern construction and drawing plays a prominent role in the creative process of my performances often generated from both secular and sacred objects.

My work serves as a requisite to stimulating discourses on our political and social challenges that jeopardize our collective reality. It also serves as the voice of the voiceless within the community. 

Artist Profile:

Yusuf Durodola is a multidisciplinary Nigerian artist born in 1979 at Ibadan, Oyo State.

He obtained a Nigeria Certificate in Education from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka, Lagos, majored in Painting and Graphics.

He proceeded to the University of Lagos where he obtained his degree in Visual Arts and an MFA research student at the University of Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Yusuf, is a prolific and versatile artist whose genre of work blurs the boundaries of painting, recycling and up-cycle, and performance/video/photography art.

His recycling practice focuses on the materials that threaten environmental sustainability and channel it to address the issue of infrastructural decline, waste management, environmental pollution, echo system, and sensitization.

Exhibitions and Awards

He has participated in over 40 group art exhibitions, 2 solo exhibitions, residency programmes, workshops, seminars, performances and won several awards to his credit.

-Awards include:

-1st prize at National Award, Federal Ministry of Education Arts Competition

- 1st prize at Logo Design Competition - CONADEV,

-1st International Convention on Art and Development, Society of Nigerian Artists.

-Stamp Design Competition- South Africa World Cup 2010 and Nigeria at 50 - NIPOST.

-He is a Guinness World Record Achiever (Largest Painting by Number) for Ecole de dessin, Lagos, Nigeria.

-Art Associations and Events:

He belongs to several art bodies.

-He has served as co-organizer, facilitator, curator/co-curator, resource person, and creative director to several art events such as Grandeur Of Epeland (2016), Yaba School of Art

- 2017 October Rain Exhibition, SNA Lagos

- Ajorin Metal Exhibition (2020),

- Thought Pyramid, Lagos; Chronicle of Confinement: Africa (2020), New York;

-UMNY AMA 2020, India; Trash to Wealth (2020),

- Jelosimi, Lagos; Striding Bodies (2020), New York;

-Lock Unlock (2020), India.


His works are displayed in local and international private spaces and galleries.

His pieces have been featured in magazines, art books, TV stations, and as well as the book cover.  Yusuf is a founder and creative director of Ategun Art Foundation, a platform to impact the creative knowledge and experience into the younger ones and promotion of art.

Exhibitions Include


2019 “PRICELESS” Nike Art Gallery, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

2018 “NAVIGATION” ICAF Artist in Residency, Iwaya, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Multimedia Artist Yusuf Durodola


2021 - IBUSO OGOTA - Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

2021 - ATUPA - Lagos Book and Art Festival, Freedom Park, Old Colonial Prison Ground, Lagos

2021 - OLUMOKO – Nike Art Centre, Ogidi-Ijumu, Kogi State.

2021 - AWOLOWO - Iwaya, Lagos, Nigeria.

2020 - ARIN AREMABO - Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

2020 - OLOJU OROGBO -   with Dotun Popoola -    Dot Atelier, Ife, Osun State.

2020 - ABRAKADABRA – Lock Unlock, Glimpses behind Isolation (Webinar), India.

2020 - OGBONOLOGBON - Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

2020 - JEKIWONMO - Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

2020 - ATUPA - Webinar. (Indian Programme)

2020 - OPAKOPA  - Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria.

2020 - OWEWE WEE (COVID-19 edition) - Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria.

2020 - IKUDAYIISI (COVID-19 edition) - Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria.

2020 -  KINI OHUN ETUTU (Series) COVID-19 edition  - Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria.

2019- MAJELE, When The Load Is Returned To The Owner, The Rest Is The Rest, - Lagos Book and Art Festival, Freedom Park, Old Colonial Prison Ground, Lagos

2019 - EMI, NOT JUST A SOUL - Federal College of Technology, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.

2019 - ABIYAMO  - Nike Art Gallery, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

2019 - THE WARNING OF ARE ONA KAKANFO (Protest Performance)   -    Iwaya, Lagos, Nigeria.

2019 -  MYSELF AND I  - Odunsi Junction, Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria.

2019 -  OMODE GBON AGBA GBON  - Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

2018 - THE MOVING  DOT - Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria

2018 - KINI OHUN ETUTU - Sango Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria.

2018 -  AGBEGILERE    -   Tejuosho  Market, Lagos, Nigeria.

2018  - OGEDE NBAGE -  Lagos Book and Art Festival, Freedom Park, Old Colonial Prison Ground , Lagos  Island, Lagos.

2018 -  AKUDAAYA -Iwaya, Lagos.

2018 - IBEERE - Mainland and Island, Lagos, Nigeria

2018 - IPA  -Yaba College of technology, Lagos, Nigeria

2018 -  KINI   OHUN ETUTU -  Sabo, Lagos, Nigeria

2018 -  BOJU BAYEJU  - Yaba college of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria

2017 -  AGANRANDI  - Iwaya, Lagos, Nigeria

2017 - BOJU BOJU  - Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos, Nigeria

2017 - EEKAN  - Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

2017 - IF NO BE SAY OGA AT TOP STOP AM,    National Gallery of Art National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria

2017 -   GLOBAL HUES  -    Federal college of Education, Lagos, Nigeria

2017 - OYIBIRIBIRI  -    Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria

2017 - OLUBOBOTIRIBO  -   Didi museum,  Lagos, Nigeria

2017 - THOUGH I DON’T  KNOW  YOU -    Ambassade De Belgique, Abuja, Lagos

2016 - IT IS BLACK, IT IS WHITE -   University of Lagos, Nigeria

2016 - ODADA  -   Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria

2016 - TRIBUTE -   Nike Art Gallery, Lekki, Lagos

2016 - SHOW ME YOU LOVE ME   -   Bariga, Lagos

2016 - DELIVER US FROM EVIL  -     National art Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos

2016 - SENATE ARE YOU A ROTTEN HEAD -   with Jelili Atiku - Art House Contemporary, Ikoyi, Lagos.

2016 - IT IS BLACK, IT IS WHITE    Iwaya community Art Festival, Iwaya, Lagos

2015 - POLITICAL SPEECH -  Akoka, Lagos 


2021 “Nike At 70” - EbonyLife, Lagos.

2021 “October Rain” Society of Nigerian Artists- Mydrim Gallery, Lagos.

2021 “Fact File Recycling Exhibition -Thought Pyramid, Lagos.

2020 “October Rain” Society of Nigerian Artists-National Museum, Lagos.

2019 “October Rain” Society of Nigerian Artists- Freedom Park, Lagos.

2018 “October Rain” Society of Nigerian Artists-Thought Pyramid, Lagos.

2018 “ICAF” Radisson Blue Hotel, Lagos.

2017 “October Rain” Society of Nigerian Artist-National Museum, Onikan, Lagos.

2017 -    REMEMBRANCE  -    Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria

2016 Faces and Phases, Terra Kulture, Lagos

2016 Mediating Waste, the University of Lagos

2014 “Step Out” - Final Year Exhibition – University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria

2010 till 2015 “October Rain” Society of Nigerian Artists- Nike Art Gallery, Lagos.

2009 “Art on the Mainland”-  National Arts Theatre of  Arts and Craft, Iganmu, Lagos.

2008 “October Rain” Society of Nigerian Artist-National Museum, Onikan, Lagos.

2007 Beautiful Nigeria, Thought Pyramid, Abuja

2007 Beautiful Nigeria, Harmattan Gallery, Lagos

2007 Beautiful Nigeria, National Museum, Onikan, Lagos

2006 “Democrat” Terra Kulture, V.I., Lagos

2006 Aesthetics Bound- National Museum Onikan, Lagos

2006 In the Beginning – Final Year Exhibition FCE (T) Akoka

2006 Mini Exhibition “Our World” FCE (T), Akoka

2005 Within Our Grasp- National Museum, Onikan, Lagos

2005 Expression- Silverbird Galleria, Lagos

2004 Art Fair- National Museum, Onikan, Lagos.

The Art Room Johannesburg, At the Artmiabo International Art Festival Lagos (AMIAF)


The Art Room Johannesburg, At the Artmiabo

International Art Festival Lagos (AMIAF)

The Artroom Parkhurst, Johannesburg South Africa and it's Art Director/Curator, Ryan Hitchcock will be setting up a Popup Gallery at

The Art room Johannesburg is known for its Eclectic representation of Artists and Art Ideas. A lot of emerging Artists have found relatively good success with their idea on how Artists should be represented including Miabo Enyadike Ceo/Founder Artmiabo

Their welcoming and Friendly relationship with Artists, built on trust by Ryan Hitchcock and his Late wife Sim, is one to be admired and respected.

They will be displaying a different take on Recycled Objects into Art, more subdued yet an interesting angle in line with the theme of the Exhibition and we are just thrilled to host them in Lagos.

The Artists works we are expecting to view in the Festival include:
Robyn Field, Escape to Sunrise
Phumzile Buthelezi, Asidlale-Lets Play
Lerato Motau, Smoking Lady
Thabo Motseki, Afro Black
Neil Nieuwoudt, Hard Candy
To learn more about 'The Art room Gallery' please refer to their Instagram page below and follow them.
Ryan will be at the festival, to chat with Artists in Person, we are so excited!