Modern Art | Artist Color Palette by Miabo Enyadike


Modern Art | Artists Color Palette  


I love vibrant colors, I really do not tint my colors when I'm painting.I paint directly without thinning with water or turpentine. I rarely tone down my colors, I just love them bright. 

                                                      TULIPS IN A VASE BY MIABO ENYADIKE

Since most of my Art is Ink based, I try to maintain the rich tone of the ink and that is the reason I create Art on paper boards, that are slightly glossy and smooth. The richness of the colors and the smooth ivory background that is signature to my work, gives my Art a very polished photo look. 

Dress by Miabo Enyadike
                                      Dress by Miabo Enyadike

My palette consist of all the primary colors, which are red, yellow and blue, when you view my Art, they are in dominance of my Art process because I am not afraid to use them in there strength, aligned and nsync with each other, I love that.

Waves: Abstract Art Ink on Paperboard: by Miabo Enyadike
                            Waves: Abstract Art Ink on Paperboard: by Miabo Enyadike

 My palette as an Artist is simple, yet colorful and daring, somehow childlike in its combination and
challenging the norms of how color should be applied to creativity while leaving an impression, in the minds of my audience that my work might be unfinished! 

Lady: Abstract Art:  Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike
                                Lady: Abstract Art:  Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike

Well as a professional artist of over 20 plus years, I am yet to see or meet an Artist who is completely finished or satisfied with their work, 

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there is always something more they would have added if only they knew what, but we put our work out there nevertheless, with a nervous bravado hoping our audience witness a finished piece of work.

Carnival Face: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard: By  Miabo Enyadike
                           Carnival Face: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard: By  Miabo Enyadike

 My work speaks about how I see things, bright and colorful. Maybe that's why I don't paint landscapes, because I wouldn't quite get it right, with my basic color palette.

Man: Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike
                                                       Man: Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike

The good thing about a signature color palette, is critics can always identify your work immediately, I don't know the advantages or disadvantages of that. 

Maze: Abstract Art: Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike
                                       Maze: Abstract Art: Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike

What I know, is our work should speak for itself through our Color palette, Dimensions, Light, Lines, Structure, Subjects, etc and my pick today is Color Palette......Enjoy.

Expression: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard: By  Miabo Enyadike
                                   Expression: Abstract Art: Ink on Paperboard: By  Miabo Enyadike

              Miabo Enyadike

Emerging Artist Stepheney Kun Artist blog by Miabo Enyadike

  Emerging Artist Stepheney Kun   


Art  is  dynamic, fluid and interpreted in ways unimagined, except by the creator of the Art. Those were my exact thoughts, when I was introduced to Stepheney Kun's Stone art.

 Amazed was an understatement, it was more like blown away. Don't  get  me wrong I have seen my fair share of awesome art. Her art is  true to her personality and just exudes her heart. It is not pretentious.

 As I sat down with Stepheney, I understood immediately that she was passionate about her craft and  her art spoke true to how she feels, her emotions about nature and it's beauty. 

Steph was truly inspiring as we delved into different life issues, and I just listened with awe and wonder at how carefree and free-spirited, she is and you can see that in her art. 

The fact that She creates a world of fantasy on Stone Slabs with such details and choice of color is  truly one of a kind. The colors in her food, is represented in her art, that says a lot about her art process.

Stepheney, is an experienced Illustrator with many years of experience behind her craft and is still evolving, finding new ways to tell stories of her ethereal and bohemian lifestyle through her artwork. 

As an Aromatherapist, which is  also one of Stepheney's many talents, you can see that translates in her understanding, of the plants she paints on these stones. The vivid yet soft color tones brings the plants to life, you can almost smell them.... I just love that! 

Steph's art is classic art  because it is created on Stone, you are sure when the archaeologist, in the next millennia excavate a site, it will be found and it will be a link to understanding how our humanity walked this earth in it's time, long after we are gone. 

Her beloved Puppy and family

 To view her art in real time, Stepheney will be Exhibiting her Stone art Illustrations on the 17th-18th of November 2018 at the, annual  305 , Craft fair.

Below are the details to view her Art



                            MIABO ENYADIKE