Understanding Abstract Art | Artmiabo

Understanding Abstract Art 

Abstract Street Art | Miabo Enyadike.
                             Abstract Street Art | Miabo Enyadike.

The secret essence of abstract art is to have an open mind toward art that appears distorted and different. 
Abstract Art creates, a kind of curiosity and a sense of wonder, around the artist.
Typically, one is always intrigued, when they view an abstract painting or Art in general.

Heavenly Beings Abstract Art | Miabo Enyadike

Heavenly Beings Abstract Art | Miabo Enyadike

The difference with abstract art is the 'How &Why' and 'Whaaat the....! question.
Artists are known to create these kinds of art that makes the audience curious and drawn into a conversation and narrative that directly affects their core as human beings.

These abstract art that we view that are made to question norms come in different forms, they could be art installations, paintings, sculpture, dance and movement, poetry or even storytelling, all expressed in a way that turns, an obvious issue or situation completely into something different yet maintaining the status quo. 


I always try to put myself, in the shoes of the artist, of course wondering, if I could have delivered the same message, differently. Or if I get the message at all.

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Then I put myself, in the shoes, of the audience.

  End of Spring, Abstract Painting  by Miabo Enyadike
End of Spring, Floral Art
 by Miabo Enyadike

Trying to see the message, in the work or the beauty and breathtaking skill and color, that has been woven into a story.

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A Man Searching |Abstract Digital Art by Miabo Enyadike
                                   A Man Searching |Abstract Digital Art 
                                    by Miabo Enyadike

That could be interpreted, in any language, without really delivering any message, but just uplifts, the soul.

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Trust me I have been in both shoes severally and I love it.

 I don't try to read any message when buying art, it just has to uplift me when I look at  it. 

Sibling Rivalry, Abstract Art   by Miabo Enyadike
                               Sibling Rivalry, Abstract Art

And when I create art, especially abstract Art, it should uplift, and secure curiosity that delights, the hearts and soul of the audience.

             African Mother and Child' Abstract Art   by Miabo Enyadike
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It should also be
, interpreted by them, in their own language and terms, regardless, of what I title it. 

Art is for us all to... Enjoy.

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