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By - Miabo Enyadike

 Modern Abstract Art Silhouettes to view    

I enjoy painting abstract art silhouettes especially faces.The simple reason is I can manipulate the profile of an individual, with several layers of color.

Color for me is an integral part of my art aesthetics I allow color to lead my creative process in the way I see the art I am about to create.

           Silhouette of a woman; Abstract Art; by miabo enyadike.

My Abstract Art this week is all about using colors to create a simple silhouette, of a woman and a man.

When I decided to create this particular abstract painting, it was more of emphasis on color than on the human profile.

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I wanted to see what the outcome of the creative process would look like. 

Also to see if and when the human features are covered in colors, other than our natural colors would this Art evoke any emotions?... that simply belies the fact, that color seems to be one the many problems we have in our society.....just saying.

             Silhouette of a man; Abstract Art; by miabo enyadike

This time I painted not in my favorite medium, Ink on paper board but another medium I enjoy sometimes, acrylic on wood board.

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I wanted very bold and color popping Art because I love bold colors and have previously done soft silhouettes with Ink

The paintings are abstract Art and have a rhythm of colors running through the entire faces of the man and woman representing their thoughts and ours maybe?......Enjoy.


 Miabo Enyadike

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