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Online Art Exhibition Abstract Flowers to View | Artmiabo

  Online Art Exhibition Abstract Flowers to View ARTIST STATEMENT: These are Flowers and Plants,where Ink on Paperboard is the medium of choice.  The whole creative process is driven by Color and  Abstract Art.  In this Artmiabo Online Exhibition, Color is used extensively to tell an Abstract Expression Story of 'How Flowers and Plants when used as decorative accessories form a natural collaboration with Interior Decorating'.You are welcome to:  Buy and View Prices . Title: Chinese Bamboo in an Orange Glass Vase Medium:Ink on Smooth Paperboard Style: Abstract Expressionism Size: 100 x 77 cm Year: 2015 Artist: Miabo Enyadike Title: Red lilies growing in a Pot Medium:Ink on Smooth Paperboard Style: Abstract Expressionism Size: 45 x 39 cm Year: 2017 Artist: Miabo Enyadike Title: Red Tulips growing in a Pot Medium:Ink on Smooth Paperboard Style: Abstract Expressionism Size: 59 x 45 cm Year:

12 Abstract Art Floral Painting | Artmiabo

12 Abstract Art Floral  Painting These are 12 different flower drawings, illustrations and paintings by Miabo Enyadike.  The mediums,  range from pen and ink,oil to water color.   All done on different sizes of paper and different types of paper....................ENJOY. RAY OF LIGHT' FLOWER IN A SLIM VASE BLUE PANSIES IN A YELLOW POT FLOWER ARRANGEMENT IN ON PAPERBOARD [ This post contains ad links.] CHRYSANTHEMUM  FLOWER ACRYLIC ON  CERAMIC TILE CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWERS ACRYLIC ON CERAMIC TILE RED ROSE BUSH ACRYLIC ON CERAMIC TILE TULIPS IN A VASE RED TULIPS GROWING  IN A POT IN ON PAPERBOARD FLOWER ILLUSTRATION' PEN AND INK RED TULIPS IN A VASE  INK ON PAPERBOARD         TULIP GARDEN ACRYLIC ON CANVAS  WILD LILIES INK AND PEN DRAWING  [ This post contains ad links.]    

Flower Paintings and Illustration | Artmiabo

Flower Paintings and Illustration Flowers, how they brighten and gladden, our hearts and lives. T hey carry with them, untold joy bringing pleasure and satisfaction to us, knowing that we are indeed appreciated by the bearer of them.   Peonies Flower I may not be a gardener myself since I have tried and failed on several attempts at gardening.  It does not take away the significance of how this aspect of nature, colors our lives repeatedly.                                     Feather Grass   One passion I've had as an artist, is drawing, painting and crafting flowers.  Each time I am overwhelmed, by the sheer number of species that exist in our world, it is mind boggling.  The vibrant and vivid colors, that come with them is indeed an artist's dream, of a perfect color wheel or palette.  I often wonder what this earth would have been without flowers, if our LORD did not put them in. Cranes Bill Where there are no flowers, you

Abstract Art and Craft Blog | Artmiabo

Abstract Art and Craft Blog What art you Collecting? I always ask myself, this question anytime I start collecting stuff.  I collect newspapers and old clipboards to create Art.   Art and Craft by Miabo Enyadike What are you collecting? and Why are you collecting? because we don't need it or have the space, for it I always say to myself. SHOP ART POSTERS I collect bottles, jars and old vases for Art and craft purposes I always overrule myself and just keep collecting anything, that fascinates me but with a purpose. I collect shopping bags and turn them to art.   For it to be fun, there has to be a purpose and a vision, attached to a particular object or stuff that I collect. I collect old mini mannequins and turn them around. I love to collect every day Items, that are discarded or sold, in hospice or charity stores. I collect discarded plywood  and create art. I am always excited to create Art an