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By - Miabo Enyadike

floral design illustration

 Every Artist has a weakness for a particular subject, we tend to create different styles, use different mediums to express how we see our favorite subject. 

 I love to draw, paint and illustrate flowers, it is my favorite subject and one I can create easily, because of how flowers and natures true colors, appeal to me and my senses. 

 Travelling overseas, always introduces me to a new shade of color and flower I have never seen before. I have been away and I'm back to Johannesburg, where the winter season is beginning. 

 During the summer season, that has just passed here in Johannesburg, I was inspired by the sheer variety of colors in flower shops and gardens. Even simple window boxes with flowers in them, popped out stunning colors.


 My favorite are the Chrysanthemum flowers that has essentially the best color variety, I also love tulips and little cactus plants.

 The green plants also look stunning in Vases, specially the indoor plant in my home right now.

 There were inspirations everywhere, prompting my imagination to create these flowers and plants illustrations.

 I decided to use metallic paint and Ink, to create the paintings just the way I see them, from within me. 

I Painted the flowers, in mostly blue,copper and bronze shades, because that is how I see them, from within my creative spirit. 

 I did not want the Art to look exactly, like the plants or flowers being referenced, I wanted them to appear different but recognizable .

 I preferred a slightly Abstract expression, for the flowers and I went on to repeat the same flowers, in different colors and slightly different shapes and lines. 

The result was simple and clear flower illustrations, with colors that nature might not have granted them, but Art can when it is a favorite subject of an Artist.

You can twist and turn and create several renditions, of the same subject, showing how dynamic and fluid Art is at all times, regardless of the subject. 


A lot of Artist that I admire and respect, have in there published body of works, favorite subjects that they have mastered and gone on,

  to create them in forms and different mediums, that are peculiar to their Art Style.

  How they see these subjects and express them to the public view, is truly wonderful and inspiring to see.

Having a favorite subject matter, sometimes is referred to as an Artist statement work, or signature work as they would call it, I say maybe flowers are mine.........


                                                             💖💖💖                                                                                                          Miabo Enyadike

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