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Words We Can Turn Into Art | Artmiabo

Words We Can Turn Into Art I am back to my first love up-cycle art, I  knew I would be  back soon doing something, that not only inspires me, but brings along with it joy and  adventure.  When ever I work with old news papers, the excitement within me and the possibilities that I look forward too, are just endless.   This time around, I decided to stamp words,  using wooden letters and acrylic paint on old news print.  It was like teaching art to little kids,only this time I was the teacher and child in the class, all in one by myself.  I felt that way because this is the first for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Have fun like I did, and try this out yourself.......enjoy.                                ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– Miabo Enyadike

Acrylic Abstract Paintings Brush Strokes | Artmiabo

Acrylic Abstract Paintings Brush Strokes Brush strokes define our paintings and could easily be recognized, as an artist style. Take Vincent Van Gogh , for instance, a foremost dutch post impressionist painter, his distinct painting style, is forever impressed in our minds.This entire series I have made was inspired by Van Gogh's style.                                   The Boy                                                    by Miabo Enyadike                                           Sometimes these brush strokes could happen by accident or on purpose.                           Swirl by Miabo Enyadike   Even when its not done on purpose, it could be working with the brush we are most comfortable with, when we paint.Sometimes, its all about changing ones style of painting, or experimenting with a new brush just purchased. Brown Skin Girl with Green Hair  by Miabo Enyadike Mine is all of the above. The path to no where  by Miabo Enyadike  Just boug