Abstract Art Faces Ideas to View Now | By Miabo Enyadike

 Abstract Art Faces Ideas to View Now

Indigo Blue color is a color tone, I have come to know and love. This color was huge in the late seventies, in my home country of Nigeria.

It is a  blue color, I remember vividly that was used on fabrics to create what we know as Adire(Tie dye) pronounced Ah-d-rear. 




The Inspiration for this series is drawn from the blue tye-dye fabric in my home country, where different shades and tones of blue are applied on white cotton through natural dyes to create a traditional textile design called Adire.

 This used to be an ancient textile Art of dying pure cotton fabric for days in a dye pit dug in the ground, using natural elements that create this awesome blue hue, and this method of traditional dyeing is still used till this very day.


In my early childhood in Nigeria, early seventies, everywhere you turned at that time or era everyone had an Adire outfit of some sort from babies to adults.

 BLUE Face ; Miabo Enyadike; 

 Entire families coordinated their "church clothes" in Blue Adire. These days it is seen more as a native traditional outfit.

 Adire textile Art, is predominantly done in the western part of Nigeria and it is an Art form passed on from generation to generation.

It is one bold dark blue that is royal and stands alone and when placed next to plain brilliant white, is transformed to a very dignified and defined color that just speaks for itself. 

 BLUE  FACES,  Miabo Enyadike; 

These days we see it in the resurgence of Shibori art which is also an ancient Japanese Textile Art form and  other tie dye Art and craft. For me it is part of my Nigerian culture and heritage. 


We may not all wear the Indigo trend now as that was so "seventies", this color for me is nostalgic and will be present always, with different reinventions of ways to keep it fresh and relevant.   

                                                          BLUE face,  Miabo Enyadike; 

These days, I see indigo blue been applied to pottery, Jewelry, fashion and infused into modern contemporary lifestyle and Art, it is indeed impressive.

 BLUE FACE, Miabo Enyadike; 2016





Dark blue, Parisian Blue, Royal Blue, Deep blue and Indigo blue all share the same Shade and hue just slight difference in tone. 

Blue will always be a cool and distinct color and is one color that enhances the next color without over powering it.


 Blue color has proved to be majestic and bold but cool and easy on the eye, these portrait illustrations show that in a different way,one can create art with just one tone of color, understanding how to apply it on a white surface to still achieve a realistic feature is another thing but it is worth a try....

These Blue Portrait series is that try, and I love them.

Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Art Woman Idea | By Miabo Enyadike


        Abstract Art Woman Idea

The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike

I love objects I find in my early morning walks, I am a picker so when I saw a set of books and magazines, ready for the paper trucks outside a gate as I walked one morning,

I simply knocked and asked the owners, if I could have the books and yours truly I was given everything.

When they found out what I did for a living it got more interesting....

Anyway we are friends now and they saw this Art and now truly understand, when I told them that my passion as an Artist, is to create value with the discarded....

The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike
The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike

Title: The Bridesmaid
Medium: Ink on book pages
Style : Abstract Expressionism,by Miabo Enyadike

Why bridesmaids? sometime last month I watched the 2008 movie

27 dresses again, and truly felt a certain need to create a painting about this subject which is bridesmaid.

 I have never thought of that before, we see a lot of wedding portraits of the bride hardly any of just the bridesmaid. 

The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike
The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike

The bridesmaid is important in the wedding, yet obscure and meant to help the bride yet remain invincible, so she does not steal the day from the bride it is fascinating to me.

 I have been a bridesmaid before, its like been out there yet you are in the shadows almost unseen, yet relevant to the whole wedding arrangement. 

The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike
The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike

This painting shows the fragile nature of the bridesmaid's role to remain in the shadows, not to outshine the bride in order not to destroy a beautiful day, that has been meticulously written and put together in preparation for one day, is the inspiration behind the painting been made on glued patched pages of a book if you get what I mean.

 It is a story, of the coming together of two people to celebrate their love in holy matrimony. 

The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike
The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike

It is a fragile day, anything can go wrong on that day, hence the duty of the bridesmaid though in the shadows, has to be strong and present for the bride throughout the day, she serves as the bride's eyes and ears, making sure everything put together in the wedding story, stays that way.  

This painting is dedicated to bridesmaids out there.....enjoy

Check out more of my paintings



                             Miabo Enyadike


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Artists ideas to get your Paint Palette ready by Miabo Enyadike


Paint Palette Mistakes Artists need to know.

                                      ABSTRACT ART BY MIABO ENYADIKE


One of the fundamentals I learned in undergrad art school as a first year student was have a clean palette. 

Making sure there were no leftover paint that could eventually undermine my painting. This is the first tip, and it is simple keep your paint palette clean and clear. And trust me that has lived with me.

Always have the right kind of palette to start off with. Your palette should be non-porous to prevent absorption of oil from the paint. Palettes come in a variety of different materials from glass to wood. 

My personal preference is the NIUBEE CLEAR PALETTE as shown below. I have found this palette the easiest to clean and best for mixing colors. 


NIUBEE Clear Plastic Paint Palettes 10.5x15 Inches Size 2 Sets,
Oval Plexiglas Art Palette for Acrylic Oil Paints Mixing - Easy Clean 
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Starting out for the first time, it may be a good idea to start with a fairly limited palette of colors. You don't have to purchase every color under the sun, you may find yourself mixing too many different colors, which will result in a muddy painting. 

Slowly start off in the beginning, then add more colors as you become more experienced. Color choices for a limited palette vary from artist to artist. 


ZenART Professional Oil Paints Set - 8 x Large 45ml Tubes - Essential Palette for Artists, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, and Lightfast Paint with Exceptional Pigment Load - The Infinity Series

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Here are the colors of my palette: Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange, Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cadmium Red Medium, Phthalo Green, Titanium White, Ivory Black.

 I recommend purchasing 1.25 oz tubes of all colors except Titanium White. Purchase a larger tube of Titanium White, as you will be using more of this color.

Try getting into the habit of laying out your colors the same way every time you paint. This is just good practice and keeps the painting process flowing nicely. Arrange your colors along the edges of your palette leaving a lot of room in the center for mixing.

Continuously squeezing out paint especially when you are working, it makes you less productive. Always squeeze a lot of paint on the palette, especially white paint as you will need a lot during painting.


Winsor & Newton 1437644 Winton Oil Color Paint, 200-ml Tube, Titanium White

Always try to include all of the colors you think you will need to complete that session of painting as well. Again, this will make you more productive.

When I add paint to the palette, I have found that squeezing the paint out in long lines, as opposed to puddles, keeps my colors cleaner. 

When you have puddles of paint, they tend to get soiled by other colors when mixing. With a long line of paint, you can just take paint from the end as needed and not dirty the rest. Keep some rags or paper towels handy for wiping your palette knife clean.

CONDA Palette Knife Painting Stainless Steel Spatula Palette Knife Oil Paint Metal Knives Wood Handle (Red 5 Piece)


This tip is important and a good idea to continuously wipe your palette clean during the painting process. There is nothing more frustrating then trying to remove dried up oil paint.

 Always Keep some alcohol handy in order to keep the mixing area of your palette clean.You can get more tips from this magazine below the Artist's Pallet is a also a very helpful resource.


                               Artist's Palette

                                                 BUY NOW

These painting Tips, are easy to use when starting out as a fresh painter, I hope the help in organizing your palette....Good luck with your painting project.


                        Miabo Enyadike

Art Inspiration | Abstract Artist by Miabo Enyadike

 Art Inspiration | Abstract Artist  

Untitled, Abstract Expressionism by Miabo Enyadike
                     Abstract Art  Untitled by Miabo Enyadike

This Art is Available to Shop Here


My name is Miabo Enyadike a professional fine artist with a huge love for color. Most people who follow, buy, view and collect my Art always have this pressing question what is ARTMIABO?

 Art-miabo simply means Art by Miabo Enyadike, it is expressionism, abstract, distinct, childlike, colorful and bold.

Artmiabo is a registered LLC and my brand name, it reflects my style of art.

My art style is Abstract expressionism style, the technique I use is Ink droplets on wet Smooth Paperboard.

I sometimes go further to add texture using Stencils, Ink pens, Stamps and geometric rulers etc to create a story around a subject matter without being to obvious.


I am from Port Harcourt city in Rivers State Nigeria an oil producing province. I studied Fine and Applied Art Education and have a degree Honors from University of Ibadan in Nigeria in 1992.

Art has always been my life choice for 28 years now since grad school I have practiced Art. I didn't always create Art full time.

In the early years after grad school, I worked in the oil service industry and that didn't go down too well.

You bet I was selling art to colleagues....πŸ˜…πŸ˜… after a while I knew it was time to make a choice between Art and the office, I chose Art...

I have remained true to my craft, opening my own art galleries and selling art for artists as myself opened a way for a greater understanding of the collectors and how they buy Art.


In late 2006 I was awarded a Ford foundation Award for Contemporary Art and a grant by the Nigeria Institute of Art TERRAKULTURE.

The recognition inspired me to study interior design focusing on color and how to mix and match different shades and tones to create design.

I have since used that knowledge to create my color focused art, where unrelated colors are pulled together around a subject matter, the sole aim is to draw my audience directly to the art if it is installed in a space, it should be the focal view....

From Yaba College Technology 2018, in Lagos State Nigeria, I was given another award on 'Service to other Artist'

I teach fellow Artist for free on how to use color and also how to use social media to sell their Art, and I always note to them that Art, is difficult to sell but you must have to put it out there, constantly for people to see.

           Me Holding a Free workshop on SEO and Online Art Marketing.
Yaba College Technology, Lagos Nigeria, 2017.

I Tell myself, I will be exhibiting something today, it could be a new art I just made or an old one, it doesn't matter I just put it out there, through whatever means available to me.

I never assume that people have seen my Art enough the earth has a lot of people in it, I hope they all see it, just hoping. So to keep me going on that hope, I post and share my art, so I teach that to artists who are shy and just starting out.


Today I couldn't be more satisfied knowing I am pursuing my life long dream.

I create Original Art 'The Way I See It'

colorful, bold and Childlike where the colors tell the story of the subject matter.

Hence my style which is Abstract Expressionism, I use colors to say it is okay to be unique in ones expression of how a subject matter is interpreted, through Colorful Abstracts that leaves only an idea of the subject been referenced.

My Art is different and I have participated in a lot of exhibitions and happy with the results. My Art style and purpose is approached from a childlike view.

The Purpose of my Art is to evoke a sense of 'not so subtle color takeover of our senses' with a limited idea of the subject'.

Being Inspired by Picasso, Nature and People I will

leave you with this Picasso quote

"Every Child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up"-Pablo Picasso.

Well there you go! I have remained an Artist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

You can find my Artworks and designs in the following Platforms


Carmen Onuorah Art Dealer

Miabo's  Art works are oozing great energy, they instantly become the center of attention in any given space. Looking through her portfolio, one can see how her heritage is perfectly blended into painting.Her modern techniques, as they relate to ink abstracts, are the reasons why I collect her works.

Abiye Opuomah, Author

Miabo Enyadike is a talented painter, her art is inspiring and quite often delightfully nostalgic.Her artistic oeuvre are often true to the aphorism that every 'Picture tells a story'. Some of her Art are compelling, while others are haunting. The rest in my view are mostly sublime.  Her Art for the cover or my Book- Flash Fiction While We Hunker Down  

is a compelling work of pure Genius that depicts the dislocation of a Proud African queen 


Willem Vemeer  

I like and Collect Miabo's Art it is so Colorful and Strong. She always surprises you with her deliberate use of opposite colors to express her opinion about a subject in a way that is compelling.               

Miabo Enyadike