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Abstract Art Faces Ideas to View Now | By Miabo Enyadike

 Abstract Art Faces Ideas to View Now Indigo Blue color is a color tone, I have come to know and love. This color was huge in the late seventies, in my home country of Nigeria. It is a  blue color, I remember vividly that was used on fabrics to create what we know as Adire(Tie dye) pronounced Ah-d-rear.  FACES IN BLUE ABSTRACT PAINTING BLOG  The Inspiration for this series is drawn from the blue tye-dye fabric in my home country, where different shades and tones of blue are applied on white cotton through natural dyes to create a traditional textile design called Adire.  This used to be an ancient textile Art of dying pure cotton fabric for days in a dye pit dug in the ground, using natural elements that create this awesome blue hue, and this method of traditional dyeing is still used till this very day.                        In my early childhood in Nigeria, early seventies, everywhere you turned at that time or era everyone had an Adire outfit of some sort from babies to

Abstract Art Woman Idea | By Miabo Enyadike

                                                   Abstract Art Woman Idea The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike I love objects I find in my early morning walks, I am a picker  so when I saw a set of books and magazines, ready for the paper trucks outside a gate as I wal ked one morning, I simply knocked and asked the owners, if I could have the books and yours truly I was given everything. When they found out what I did for a living it got more interesting.... Anyway we are friends now and they saw this Art and now truly understand, when I told them that my passion as an Artist, is to create value with the discarded.... The Bridesmaid, by Miabo Enyadike Title: The Bridesmaid Medium: Ink on book pages Style : Abstract Expressionism,by Miabo Enyadike Why bridesmaids? sometime last month I watched the 2008 movie 27 dresses  again, and truly felt a certain need to create a painting about this subject which is bridesmaid.  I have never thought of that before, we see a lot of wedding port

Artists ideas to get your Paint Palette ready by Miabo Enyadike

                                       Paint Palette Mistakes Artists need to know.                                       ABSTRACT ART BY MIABO ENYADIKE GETTING YOUR PAINT PALETTE READY One of the fundamentals I learned in undergrad art school as a first year student was have a clean palette.  Making sure there were no leftover paint that could eventually undermine my painting. This is the first tip, and it is simple keep your paint palette clean and clear. And trust me that has lived with me. Always have the right kind of palette to start off with. Your palette should be non-porous to prevent absorption of oil from the paint. Palettes come in a variety of different materials from glass to wood.  My personal preference is the  NIUBEE  CLEAR PALETTE  as shown below. I have found this palette the easiest to clean and best for mixing colors.                              NIUBEE Clear Plastic Paint Palettes 10.5x15 Inches Size 2 Sets, Oval Plexiglas Art Palette for Acrylic Oil

Art Inspiration | Abstract Artist by Miabo Enyadike

 Art Inspiration | Abstract Artist                        Abstract Art  Untitled by Miabo Enyadike This Art is Available to Shop Here Introduction My name is Miabo Enyadike a professional fine artist with a huge love for color. Most people who follow, buy, view and collect my Art always have this pressing question what is ARTMIABO ?   Art-miabo simply means Art by Miabo Enyadike , it is expressionism, abstract, distinct, childlike, colorful and bold. Artmiabo is a registered LLC and my brand name, it reflects my style of art. My art style is Abstract expressionism style, the technique I use is Ink droplets on wet Smooth Paperboard. I sometimes go further to add texture using Stencils, Ink pens, Stamps and geometric rulers etc to create a story around a subject matter without being to obvious. BRIEF BIO I am from Port Harcourt city in Rivers State Nigeria an oil producing province. I studied Fine and Applied Art Education and have a degree Honors from University of Ibadan in Nigeria