Abstract Artist Favor Boxes To Shop By Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Artist Favor Boxes To Shop   

Favor boxes: 10 per box:$27.oo $2.70per box

Artists, in general, are creating different revenue streams with their Art. The era of just concentrating on the Fine Art part solely is long gone. 

Chaos:  Ink on paperboard: Abstract Art: by Miabo Enyadike

Now Artist monetizes their Artwork through various means that create additional income. One of the ways I use to extend my creativity is by designing gift boxes with my Art. 

Favor boxes: 10 per box:$27.oo $2.70per box

This brings my art into the design world and it shows how versatile we can use our artworks.

 I place my Art on already produced gift packs in, online selling platforms, there are many out there that create these opportunities for creative-minded people and they make it easy for budding Artprenuers to strive. 

Favor boxes: 10 per box:$27.oo $2.70per box

This way Artist creates a side income and they can still sell their Art, attend exhibitions and create their artworks, its all part of the hustle. 

The Art of creating these gift packaging for me as an Artist is a need because it compliments my corporate gifting business and it is also a way to advertise my art in small doses. 


Favor boxes: 10 per box:$27.oo $2.70per box

When my Artwork is on a gift pack for an occasion or event, it says a lot about the art brand I'm building. 

The platforms that create these opportunities for the Artist, encourage the artist to be business-minded and more entrepreneurial in their mindset. 

Favor boxes: 10 per box:$27.oo $2.70per box

It gives us the ability to create our own brands practically from nothing because the cost is minimal and sometimes commission based, so it's free!

 Your Artwork remains yours, you are licensed to place your work on their products, you even set up a store to sell these gift packages in their online market. 

Favor boxes: 10 per box:$27.oo $2.70per box

My experience has been good, it started slowly but with the right marketing through social media, I sell a good number of my design gift packages online.


Favor boxes: 10 per box:$27.oo $2.70per box

With e-commerce and art selling moving online at rapid speeds, artists should consider other options and opportunities out there using very available internet tool to sell our Art........Enjoy.


Style: Gable Favor Box
Say thank you to the wedding, birthday, and corporate event guests with customized favor boxes. Make your guests feel special with these one-of-a-kind favor boxes!
  • Dimensions: 4"w x 2.5"l x 5"h
  • Full-color printing on high-quality card stock
  • Ships flat, some simple assembly required


Miabo Enyadike



Boy from Africa Modern Art Story By Miabo Enyadike

Boy from Africa Modern Art Story

Africa is a land of diversity in everything, from culture to race we are different but one thing we share in common is our struggle to survive.

 The grinds are both amazing and discouraging at the same time, and it depends on which part of Africa you are from.

Painting of the boy from Africa
    The boy from Africa: Ink and Acrylic on Paperboard: by Miabo Enyadike 

 This painting the boy from Africa tells a different story it is the face of boys drawn into conflicts and left destitute after these endless conflicts cease.

 They are refugees in their own land and are left to toil and fend for themselves in unimaginable circumstances, their youth is gone forever but their spirit to survive, acquire an education, earn a decent living against all odds is one we applaud.

              The boy from Africa: Ink and Acrylic on Paperboard: by Miabo Enyadike 

 Here in Africa, where the story of survival is part of our existence and is always before us. In fact, we are the story...and first-hand witnesses of the 'Boy from Africa'.....Enjoy

Miabo Enyadike

Crochet flower ideas to create by Miabo Enyadike

Crochet flower ideas to create

Crochet flowers with cotton rope is the title of this shabby Chic craft I made. Flowers are my main subject to create in my paintings and drawings so it was a no brainer for me creating the same subject only this time as a crochet craft. 

Crocheting is my go-to craft when I experience artist block and art fatigue, it is calming that way I get to relax and dream again. 

Flowers in a vase or flower arrangement is very close to my heart I have created this subject in so many mediums and when I decided to create a rope version of the same subject I wanted it to be colorful like all the others I have made on canvas and paper with Ink and acrylic.


 There are so many reasons I love flowers, I may not have a knack for gardening but I love gardens and the calmness and beauty they bring, when I seat in a beautiful garden I always observe the same thing color


Color never fails to call my attention and in a flower garden, it is always intriguing to me each time because nature's colors don't trend with flowers, there are no matchy-matchy colors neither are their select colors, what you see is what you get. 

An array of vibrant beautiful colorful flowers bursting with colors that ordinarily will be difficult to comprehend together in the real world, yet out there in nature's garden these colors just compliment each other. 

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This is always amazing to me because flowers inspire my use of color in my art, they allow me to be bold and colorful unafraid to create art I love. 

So when I began crocheting again after a long while, I needed to dream a bunch of flowers picked from a garden and arranged in a basket, flowers that are colorful and pop with a rustic shabby chic influence that reminds us of springtime and summertime when flowers bloom and blossom and we pick them fresh from the garden.........Enjoy.

Miabo Enyadike