Art Weekend on Clipboards by Miabo Enyadike

By - Miabo Enyadike
Artmiabo Photos

 Abstract art on clipboards 

                     Artmiabo Photos

My weekend, was one I spent lazing around in my pjs, eating  flatbread and hummus. 

Sounds crazy or weird but for me, it was fun and a bit out of the norm. 

Artmiabo Photos

The weird part, was not the choice of food or being in my PJ's all day, but the brief I got from a client who commissioned me to create abstract Art on clipboards for him 10 days ago.


Well, I have done decoupage on clipboards but actual painting no.

 Not only was I not so sure, his brief was equally abstract to say the least, "just paint me anything abstract on these clipboards he said".

Artmiabo Photos

It took me a week to process it. I'm used to large Ink paintings on paperboard or Acrylic, on large canvas or wood boards, miniature not so sure.

It's more daunting for me to do minis, they scare me truth be told. I know some of you would be wondering, please don't judge me they scare me simple. 

Artmiabo Photos

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 Not only did I have to paint abstract paintings, on the clipboards which are A4 size, I had to paint his kids portraits on A5! minis.

By the way, that's another blog in itself, so you can understand my diet of choice.

Artmiabo Photos
Anyway, I succeeded somehow to reduce my large free brush strokes, to small brush strokes not sure, what that means but came up with Abstract Art.

We saw later, at the end of the weekend. Thank goodness he liked them at least, that's all I can  write  for now
.......... Enjoy

                   Miabo Enyadike

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