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Art Exhibition Season, has already kicked off around the world, with Artist exhibiting new work, or just simply putting there work out there to create awareness for their craft, which is awesome though daunting.                               We need, for people to see what we have been up to, lately in our studios and how we will inspire and tell our stories differently, from a 'Creative' point of view. That in itself, is exciting to me. I will be doing,a Solo exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria West Africa, next month titled INSPIRE.  The exhibition is aimed at inspiring people, to look deep at the ordinary and reflect, in its greatness.                            Ad The exhibition will express, my desire as an artist, to bridge the gap between Art and design, using very basic ordinary objects, to create Art. You are all invited..... Enjoy.                                  Miabo

Valentine Art & Craft to Make. by Miabo Enyadike

Valentine Art & Craft to Make.   These heart mixed media art, where designed with fabric cuts and placed on magazine cutouts, then placed on crochet mats.                    Heart Shape collage: paper, fabric and crochet mat                                     by miabo enyadike Creating these mixed media collage, was exciting for me as it will be, displayed on Valentines day, at a friends restaurant.  Valentine season is here, and our thoughts are on how to spend the day with people we love and care for.                            buy art here  We can start by thinking, of ways to make that the day special for people, we love and truly appreciate. For me it is making art and craft, the way I know with the sole intention of giving it out, to everyone special to me.                          buy art here We always want to share, that day expressing our love, in several ways. The top of our list is giving out gifts. YOU MIGHT ALSO READ   VALENTINE  GIFT  IDEAS .BY MI