Artmiabo International Art Festival(AMIAF) 2024. THEME: "SCULPTORS ODYSSEY"

By - Miabo Enyadike






A glimpse into Artmiabo International Art Festival  2024 curated by Yusuf Durodola.

 Irinkemi Asake by Dotun Popoola

Crafted with meticulous intention, "Sculptors Odyssey" beckons attendees, whether seasoned art aficionados or curious newcomers, to embark on a transcendent journey of discovery at the AMIAF 2024. Within its curated halls, a symphony of tangible and intangible elements interweave, inviting contemplation, stirring emotion, and igniting the fires of imagination.

                                                 Sculpture Piece by Ibie Blessing

This event serves as a testament to the boundless creativity of emerging sculptors, while simultaneously paying homage to the enduring legacy of master craftsmen whose works resonate through time. It's a celebration of the intricate dance between tradition and innovation, where the echoes of the past harmonize with the visions of the future.

Artists at this years AMIAF 2024

As visitors traverse the exhibition, they are immersed in a world where form meets substance, where raw materials are transformed into expressions of beauty and meaning. The festival serves as a bridge between generations, fostering dialogue and mutual appreciation between seasoned artisans and emerging talents.

                                   Sculpture Artwork by Ayooluwa Akinrinola

Beyond mere admiration, "Sculptors Odyssey" offers a transformative experience, inviting viewers to engage with art on a visceral level. It's an exploration of the human condition, where each sculpture serves as a mirror reflecting the depths of our collective consciousness.

Artists at this years AMIAF 2024

Through this immersive journey, attendees are not merely spectators but active participants, invited to unravel the layers of meaning embedded within each masterpiece. "Sculptors Odyssey" transcends the traditional boundaries of art, inviting all who enter its domain to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and enlightenment.


Artist Open Call, Artmiabo International Art Festival AMIAF, 2024.

This festival Open call invites only sculptors from everywhere to apply

Date: 27th April-1st May, 2024

Location: Ebonylife Place, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Festival Theme: Sculptor's Odyssey

Email Submission to:

Exhibition Inspiration:

In the realm of sculptural artistry, where stone, metal, and wood are the raw materials of our creative voyage, artmiabo international art festival, 2024, (Amiaf) embarks upon a journey known as the "Sculptor's Odyssey." This artistic odyssey is not merely a physical expedition but a profound exploration of the human spirit, nature, and the limitless bounds of imagination.

Like Odysseus navigating through treacherous waters, all, sculptors, navigate through the depths of their minds, seeking to unearth the stories hidden within each medium they touch. Every chisel stroke, every molten pour, and every carving is a testament to their unwavering commitment to craft and storytelling. It is AMIAF'S hope that through this artistic endeavor, we can convey the emotions, narratives, and visions that have taken root in the recesses of their consciousness.


The act of sculpting is an intimate dialogue between the artist and the material. It is a dance between control and surrender, as they mold, shape, and coax the raw substance into forms that reflect their innermost thoughts and feelings. With each piece, they strive to capture the essence of humanity—the beauty and complexity of existence, the triumphs and tribulations of our shared journey.

The Sculptor's Odyssey is not bound by time or place. It draws inspiration from the echoes of the past, the vibrancy of the present, and the enigma of the future. It is an expedition that transcends cultural, geographical, and temporal boundaries, seeking to create a universal language that resonates with all who encounter their work.


As they embark on this odyssey, Artmiabo International Art Festival 2024, invites you, the viewer, to join us on this voyage of discovery. Together, we will traverse the landscapes of the mind, where imagination knows no bounds, and where the art of sculpting becomes a testament to the enduring human spirit. Through their sculptures, the festival in 2024 aspires to ignite a sense of wonder, provoke contemplation, and elicit emotions that connect us all on this shared odyssey of life.

Let us set sail on the Sculptor's Odyssey, where art becomes a vessel, and the journey is as profound as the destination.

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