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By - Miabo Enyadike

 Artists Staying True To Your Art Style

Autumn leaves Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike


What is Your Art Style?

The Artist, especially the fine Artist is one that communicates their raw and true emotions through their work.

Lemons in a blue bowl, Abstract Expressionism by Miabo Enyadike

 The talent that is birth through these kinds of emotions from the Artist, is the Artwork we see them create time after time, giving it relevance regardless of their personal social status.

This for me is the definition of the Art style of an Artist. 

Consistency is key as well as fluidity, an ability to play with all mediums and still be recognizable is the defining factor of an Artist with their own style. 

Untitled Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike

Your Art style is not a trend but one that is given to the Artist as a personal vision and its instructed from within, so much that even the Artist can not really explain, how or run away from it, but can only translate this vision into reality.                             

Some might call it talent, I might agree but from a deeper sense I would call it a gift to Artists by God.
Every Artist has their own true individual style and this is true to them only. 

Abstract Art- Flowers in a Vase by Miabo Enyadike

That is why even Artists, trained in higher institutions  with degrees and Artist that are self taught really don't have any distinctions between them.

This is my personal view, don't get me wrong. Out there, it is our style and our ability as artists to communicate our creativity to an audience in a way that people can identify with our Art and understand it, that is what truly matters 

We push boundariescreating social awareness, invoking a unique thought process, through our art. We channel our artistic creations through a certain kind of consciousness that evokes emotions when our works are viewed.

Apple in Alphabets,  Abstract Art; Ink on Paperboard; Miabo Enyadike.

My Art style was weird, I tried to find any references but it was difficult. Way back in the late 80's and early 90's there was no internet in Nigeria, about art that I could reference.

It was difficult because my Art was misunderstood but I stayed true to my art style and I think I have done well with. For me its not about the Art degree I have but the sales I have made from selling my unique art style that brings me immense pleasure and gratitude. 
 Every other qualification becomes a bonus. I have a degree honors in Fine Applied Art since 1992, I remember how it felt like in class, I was some kind of renegade, I didn't quite 'fit in'.

I enjoyed Art classes, after all we were left pretty much by ourselves to create Art.

Bald Optimist Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike

 I just was not satisfied. My lecturers and I,didn't like the way I painted or drew objects. It just didn't look like, what my other course mates were doing.

 I did struggle a bit with the practical aspect of my course, but excelled in Art history and every other theoretical aspect of my course outline.

Hence the reason after graduation, I worked in the oil servicing industry, abandoning my craft for a while.

 I say this, because there are gifted brilliant Artist out there, that may be in school or are self taught Artist with a peculiar Art style that is different from others, my advice is simply don't give up, it is your God given gift and style, own it and work it!

My body Abstract Art;Ink on paperboard; Miabo Enyadike
 In time it would be relevant and catch the  audience that it appeals too at the right time.

I say this because the reason there is an enduring appeal, for the works of  Picasso, Kandinsky, Warhol, Jasper Johns, Dieter Roth, Chagall, Frida Kahlo just to name a few of these caliber of Artist and all the 20th century Movements from Impressionism, cubism to Dada,that we have studied and come to respect and adore, is simply their style and consistent loyalty, adamant almost fanatical faithfulness, to their own peculiar genius.

Staying true to their Personal Art style and inner vision of how they see the world, from within their soul.

From a fresh perspective, communicating it, in a way that allows the audience to explore  and enmesh, themselves in their world with them.

The peculiar style of the Artist will always come first, in the way we tell our story and the medium  in which it is communicated is our style as Artist.

It is what we have, it is our brand 
message.It is what we sell, the technique we use and how it is applied is our formula for distinction.

I know I can speak for myself as an Artist, it took me time to come into my own style finally staying true to my vision.

Silhouette of a woman by Miabo Enyadike

Now for me it is not about other excellent Art or Artist out there, but to admire and be encouraged by the work done by these brilliant minds.

Now I am grateful that I also have a vision and a dream, that can be translated into something that is tangible and appreciated, no matter the size of the audience or the platform.
 So the question goes
What is your art style?......Enjoy.


                            Miabo Enyadike

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