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Joburg fringe Art exhibition weekend by Miabo Enyadike

Joburg fringe Art exhibition weekend The Joburg Fringe 2016, Art show has come and gone with an exciting bang.                 As an Abstract Artist who participated in this show it was a marvelous experience, exhibiting in  an industrial setting, at the heart of Joburg inner city known as the Maboneng Precinct.               Art works by Miabo Enyadike(my corner)   Which is also an Art and creative hub in South Africa. Interacting with other Artist Works by Richard Ketley and Logo Oluwamuyiwa  and understanding their influence and inspiration behind their Art was key for me.   I was particularly fascinated by Howard Smith, a very soft spoken Artist from New York, whose very mini abstract art paintings where pure and captured my imagination.                         Works by Howard Smith.  I just kept going back and forth to view his work. Artist Howard Smith  interacting with a guest  I enjoyed the di


          JOBURG FRINGE ART SHOW  One day to the Joburg fringe Art show and it is truly exciting since it will run alongside Joburg Art fair. I will be one of the Artist exhibiting alongside several brilliant Artists. I'm eager to see their works and meet them, so that  in itself is  exciting to me. The work I’m proposing for the fringe exhibition, is abstract art about faces, hence the title FACES UNKNOWN. It is an abstract rendition of women and men’s faces in silhouettes referencing faces of people we work with, family and people we deal with on a day to day basis or people that attract our attention but are detached from our own reality yet they affect us.. Interacting with people is something I enjoy doing. I try to imagine what their silhouettes in abstract art would look like with reference to their character, demeanor, facial expressions, life situations and occupation. As an artist, my curiosity to create these Ink based abstract art paintings, stems from a need t