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rotterdam art fair, 2016 sept 9-10 I will be one of the Artist exhibiting in this fair, I share with you the press release by the  organisers. I have used some of the paintings I would be showing to highlight this awesome Art event. The works I will feature are Abstract Art in Nature and humanity all of which are Ink on paperboard; 100cm,76 cm.......... Enjoy   Artist Statement: This body of work is primarily centered on nature, humanity and lifestyle, with emphasis on colour through abstract expressions. It is interpreted, in a personal subjective visual impression of the Artist, leaving no boundaries except an idea of the subject matter. lady; miabo enyadike SAINT LAURENS CHURCH IS THE DECOR FOR THE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR ON 9TH & 10TH SEPTEMBER 2016 A spectacle of modern and contemporary art in one of the most beautiful churches creating a exquisite atmosphere for the Rotterdam International Art Fair 9 & 10 September 2016 in the Laurens church.

Paper Art Inspiration Ideas By Miabo Enyadike

Craft will always be my first creative love, when my Art block comes I resort to making things, that  calm my nerves or create things that inspire me and take my mind gently back to art. Fashion Picture with old magazine cut out, with a paper cutter. by miabo enyadike             Flowers in a vase with old magazine cut out, with a paper cutter.                                                    by miabo enyadike                                           Colour wheel with magazine paper                                       Bottles covered with old magazine paper This time around I decided to work with Paper to create accessories and art that is appealing but inexpensive.               ADVERT                   BUY FLORAL ART PRINT FOR YOUR HOME  That would serve as both decor items and handmade gifts.                           Tablet and magazine case with old newspapers Paper can be manipulated easily, it

Modern Abstract Art Ideas By Miabo Enyadike

Modern Abstract Art Ideas   LIFE; ABSTRACT OBJECT BY MIABO ENYADIKE These days when I take my morning long walks an exercise I truly need, for all kinds of reasons one of being to keep an active and sound exercise regiment, the other for me to pick discarded stuff of interest along the way back home.             LIFE; ABSTRACT OBJECT SERIES BY MIABO ENYADIKE I pick these objects some small and some big because I see Art on them and giving what I have accumulated a new lease of life is exciting to me.                        LIFE; ABSTRACT OBJECT SERIES BY MIABO ENYADIKE This kind to Art work is my true passion and one that is refreshing always to me.                         LIFE; ABSTRACT OBJECT SERIES BY MIABO ENYADIKE  The picking of stuff,  discarded is my main  motivation to walk every morning no matter the weather.  When I don't take my usual walks, it seems I missed something big that day, that could be part of my life.   LIFE; ABSTRAC