Art Expressionist Flower Garden by Miabo Enyadike


Contemporary Art Flower Garden



Abstract flower paintings are meant to create a different perspective on how we see flowers in Art. Abstract flower or Abstract floral art is made with different mediums and expressed individually according to the Artist style.

 My art style is colorful and bold, I love to mix colors directly on the paper and allow these colors to create a mirage of combinations of colors that are harmonious.


Flowers are loved by everyone and it is a subject that is close to my heart, I have painted loads of flowers in Abstract and this series is just another one that demonstrates that with nature there are no color trends. 

My Abstract flowers series demonstrates that and creates an opportunity where colors stand-alone yet they combine well. 

The subject which is the flower is not overwhelmed by the Abstract color background instead they stand out in a way that the viewer sees a garden of flowers from a distance and can Identify the bold colors of the particular flowers in question. 

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                                                 Flower Garden

Abstract flower Art is easily overlooked but the importance it plays in Art can't be downplayed as this form of Abstract only pushes the boundaries of our ability as Artists to create Art that is beautiful with a different perspective. 






Art Weekend on Clipboards by Miabo Enyadike

Artmiabo Photos

 Abstract art on clipboards 

                     Artmiabo Photos

My weekend, was one I spent lazing around in my pjs, eating  flatbread and hummus. 

Sounds crazy or weird but for me, it was fun and a bit out of the norm. 

Artmiabo Photos

The weird part, was not the choice of food or being in my PJ's all day, but the brief I got from a client who commissioned me to create abstract Art on clipboards for him 10 days ago.


Well, I have done decoupage on clipboards but actual painting no.

 Not only was I not so sure, his brief was equally abstract to say the least, "just paint me anything abstract on these clipboards he said".

Artmiabo Photos

It took me a week to process it. I'm used to large Ink paintings on paperboard or Acrylic, on large canvas or wood boards, miniature not so sure.

It's more daunting for me to do minis, they scare me truth be told. I know some of you would be wondering, please don't judge me they scare me simple. 

Artmiabo Photos

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 Not only did I have to paint abstract paintings, on the clipboards which are A4 size, I had to paint his kids portraits on A5! minis.

By the way, that's another blog in itself, so you can understand my diet of choice.

Artmiabo Photos
Anyway, I succeeded somehow to reduce my large free brush strokes, to small brush strokes not sure, what that means but came up with Abstract Art.

We saw later, at the end of the weekend. Thank goodness he liked them at least, that's all I can  write  for now
.......... Enjoy

                   Miabo Enyadike

Art Expressionism face Paintings by Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Art face Paintings

Art is dynamic and Artist are naturally driven. 

As an Artist, I always look for new avenues to create Art that haunts my imagination.

Old worn out shirts is one material I am still experimenting on in my recycle art world.

Artmiabo Art blog

 I was attracted to men's shirts. I thought to myself, how about putting a face and a personality to these shirts.

And I went ahead, bought a few used shirts and created paintings with faces and personalities on them.

Artmiabo Art blog

 The inspiration behind this art series is Who wore them?....

Artmiabo Art blog

I allowed, my  artistic imagination answer the question for me......

Artmiabo Art blog

by putting a face and personality on each shirt.


Art Illustration of the Old Rugged Cross | Artmiabo


When I do illustrations or sketches, they are always for art purposes either for a painting,design or a pitch.

 However these two illustrations I did on the cross strangely, where neither and  completely unrelated to any art I had done before or even after, and  they did  not have any particular artistic purpose except a personal need to hold unto, when all hope was gone.



                       Miabo Enyadike
                       Abstract Artist

Art Decor Disco Bottles by Miabo Enyadike

Art Decor Disco Bottles  

My Art bottle projects, are an on going process that really keeps going because when people send me bottles or materials they are certain I will use it for Art and Craft, guess what? on bottles....Thanks.

Artmiabo Photos

Like I always say Fine Art is my profession, but decorating bottles is my first love.
This particular Art project is close to my heart, because the fabric I used on the bottles was sent to me by my twin sister, Who lives in another country, her words were simply "take this and do something with it".

Its been almost a year since I got this sequined fabric and since I always start the year with re-purposing bottles, I felt the time was right to use this gift .

Artmiabo Photos

 I  decided something glitz and glam related to the 1970's disco twist will do. So here are my glitz and glam 1970's disco decor bottles.....Enjoy. 

Artmiabo Photos


                      Miabo Enyadike

Arty Crochet Rope Crafts by Miabo Enyadike

 Crocheting & Rope Crafts for Home Decorating

Crocheting, is one craft I truly love and indulge in now and then. This time I decided to try something different using cotton stationery rope instead.

Artmiabo Photos

 It was indeed a joy to see all my desires and designs turn to reality.

Artmiabo Photos

The ropes are easy to source for, in stationery stores and all you need, are different sizes of crochet pins to suit your taste.

Artmiabo Photos

 I would advice that you use larger pins, as the smaller ones tend to bend and can make the crocheting difficult.

Artmiabo Photos  

The possibilities of this cotton rope are endless I share with you some of my finished craft..... Enjoy 

Artist Studio by Miabo Enyadike

Artist Studio 

My goodness, the Johannesburg winter is over and now is spring September, bringing in new ideas and intentions,

Artmiabo Photos

 that are out there to explore.As for me I am exploring more work in my garage office / studio,

Artmiabo Photos

 just hoping to finish the huge pile of work laying around.

Artmiabo Photos

 Anyways started work already, creating some up-cycle and mixed media art,using old

Artmiabo Photos

 newspaper,leather, acrylic paint etc. Also more work on the empty bottles of grape juice just piling up!

Artmiabo Photos


Would keep you posted as the work turns out, this is me today
 working in my studio..........ENJOY.

                 MIABO ENYADIKE

Abstract Art Ideas For Artists | Artmiabo

  Abstract Art Ideas For Artists

Ready Africa by Miabo Enyadike

When I set out to create a collage art, I have one thing in mind and that  is anything goes and I love that.

 I collect all sorts and rummaging through charity shops, and flea markets is an absolute delight for me and an outing I so look forward too.

Artmiabo Photos

I staunchly believe, that the best vintage finds and the most amazing decor  pieces,  that could be fine tuned and turned around are found in these markets and that keeps me excited.

Artmiabo Photos

Every object I collect be it metal, wood, glass old fabric, anything at all is a potential Object d' Art for me, and my creative juices go on over drive and some sort of art is born.

Artmiabo Photos

These are some of the finds I collected on my numerous flea market and charity shop trips,they include, old jeans,old boards, old paper letters, old bottles, pine cones, old lace fabric just to mention a few all put together to create art. Artists everywhere can try these ideas with their own ideas.

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Art blog: How To Decorate with Art+Craft and Books In a Small Space | Artmiabo

Art blog

How To Decorate with Art+Craft and Books In a Small Space

As an Artist and Interior decorator I get inspirations from the books I read and collect, these books are biographies, fiction, design, art and craft books.I am always on the lookout for books that are relevant to my craft so I am forever collecting.

The whole collecting of books makes my space crammed but I love my books and I want to share them with friends and guest alike.

 The daunting task was how to create a space that would blend both my books and Art together without it being cramped, I was able to achieve it in my Sitting room space when I read an article in an interior decor magazine, about shelves making a comeback.

The bookshelves I read about were really 
well made and looked more like Art, than shelves.
That was a delight for me. That was the inspiration behind my idea of decorating with books alongside my art and craft.

Gone are the days when books were arranged in sturdy built, boring looking shelves that didn't add flair to a room,
 they were

 rather intimidating and daunting just looking at 

Books these days, are part of home decor accessories, 

 they are stylish to have on coffee tables, as a pile or
 scattered around cute shelves in a space.


They create a chic space, that says a lot about 
the style of the individual, inhabiting that space.

 Having said that, this has inspired me to show how,

 I have blended my books and Art in my own space. 

I love books and I am an Artist what can I  say. Enjoy

Miabo Enyadike