My recent Art Exhibition was somewhat different from all the past ones.One it was solo and self sponsored.It was not in a studio or Art gallery but in a good friends restaurant.

 I needed to present my work in a rather unconventional and a very relaxed way where people felt relaxed and out to enjoy themselves.

I chose my birthday day which was in July for the event.

 The curating of the work, was done by me because I wanted people to see it as part of the event, rather than the event itself.

 That way they don't feel intimidated, as this was not a very large space and people knew each other kind of. There was good food, good music vibe with a DJ on hand and drinks. Fantastic evening to say the least.

My work was put out there and people kind of danced their way to them discussing, commenting, commissioning and buying that was fun.Everyone had a fun Friday night, leaving in the wee hours of the morning.

 I truly enjoyed myself, promised to deliver purchased works for free, met new patrons and was just totally grateful it all turned out well.

One thing was obvious my exhibition was subtle and almost pedestrian, but people were comfortable and intimate, didn't feel out of place and paid for what they truly loved.Also for some of the guest, it was just a way of supporting my efforts........ENJOY. 

Art Craft and Photo | Miabo Enyadike

 Art Craft and Photo 

I create craft of all kinds, for a living.Lately I decided that the pictures of these craft pieces, make good photography after framed pictures of my craft, sold at par with the actual craft itself.

  Love glass beads framed photo

That informed my decision, to always take good photographs of any craft I make.

Painted stones photo

 Armed with my amateur photography skills and camera,this creates for me a complete different Art.

Decor bottle photo

 These are some of my crafts that have become Art photography.

                    MIABO ENYADIKE

Art Decor Bottle Ideas | Artmiabo

Art Decor Bottle Ideas 

There is no doubt in my mind that I have a rather strange affinity to used glass bottles or vases.


I just love them, to say I love used bottles can never be overemphasized,


 my early morning long walks is partially based on discovering at  least one beautiful bottle tossed away waiting for me to claim it.


 I could go on and on about used bottles and the joy, I derive from turning them into something useful and special with a new purpose. 


I'd rather  share some of  these used bottles that  I have collected and crafted into decor pieces with you,


and hope you enjoy viewing them. 






Sky Paintings with Details, Abstract Expressionism | Artmiabo

Sky Paintings with Details, Abstract Expressionism 

Every morning, I pull back my window drapes, to let in sunlight, my expectations are always the same, wishing that something different would appear in my sky.

 Something spectacular, instead of the one in front of me. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful to be well and alive, to even see the sky let alone expect something more, just wishful thinking.

I wished only I could see it and gaze at it. Something that would take my breathe away and paint in my mind a beautiful day ahead. That would imply, that the day is definitely going to be an awesome day.

Talking about days, don't we all need an awesome day that the bills don't exist and the one million chores ahead, some how just vanishes into thin air. 

Sure we do, but in the real world that does not happen,at least not in the one I live in. Everyday, we are faced with unending tasks that wear us down and the next morning we need something to look forward to, apart from work. For me the "sky is the limit".


 I decided to do something about it, by creating my own sky with details. Something rather unusual, that I could look at every morning, instead of the real sky which appears plain, like the day ahead devoid of any excitement.

 I painted a rather blue sky, with a very bright red sun,that has sunlight drops, giving this sky a rather unusual look for an early morning sky.

 All I wanted was something that made me think, wonder, dream, imagine and enjoy, what lies ahead each day. Hanging above my bed, I think I may have achieved, my main objective a sky with details that excites me.......ENJOY.

                       MIABO  ENYADIKE

Tick! Tock! Abstract Art Clocks | Artmiabo

Tick! Tock!  Abstract Art Clocks

Clocks,  have been a quintessential part of our lives and are still out there in there numbers.

We need clocks some how, either as decor pieces or as home and office essentials.

 These days clocks serve more as decor items than essentials.

They come in different shapes and sizes and are really cool to own.

 I have seen so many beautiful designer clocks, that automatically change the look of a plain wall when integrated into a space,

 and a few quirky ones, that make me wonder.My inspiration to design these clock with my art on it,

 is borne out of the desire to own something simple and different,that does not only tell time,but serves as art...ENJOY

             Miabo Enyadike

Modern Abstract Art Paintings | Artmiabo

               Contemporary Abstract Art Faces 

The idea of creating another series of faces for me is always exciting. I don't particularly draw or paint portraits of people, I just paint what I see in my mind and I enjoy that.

Sometimes they turn out awesome sometimes they don't,but for me its art and I have learnt to accept my rather quirky approach to all subjects in art, "my motor is be yourself".


This face series in question is all about expressions. The human inward thoughts about a situation or event, that has occurred in our space. 

We would rather not talk about it, but somehow these "not very pleasant thoughts" are expressed onto our faces, unbeknownst to us.


Where inward rage,envy,anger,disappointment etc,show outwardly on our faces while we pretend all is well. Well! all is not well obviously everyone can see it  except  you...ENJOY.

                       Miabo Enyadike


I love music anyone who knows me well know I that I love music.
I listen to music all day long, while I'm working, cooking, on the Internet, in the car everywhere, "I JUST LOVE ALL GENRE OF MUSIC"!. This is the reason I am attracted, to all sorts of musical instruments,electronics and speakers make up part it.
These particular style of speakers are so damn cute and easy to carry around, and can be attached to any radio, phone or computer device,you  get a good vibe going on, along with style all in one.
 I needed something more than just listening to music in my art studio, I wanted a speaker that is cute with an artistic vibe around it to complete my art studio ambiance.

This inspired me, to place my designs on these speakers.They also serve as great gifts, to my kids and friends of mine, who complain all the time about my original art works, being way too expensive for them at least they have it now.
ENJOY....Check out these speakers in


Ink Abstract Art Paintings Blog | Artmiabo

Ink Abstract Art Paintings Blog  

Back to painting in my my studio after a brief break, its good to be back and I am loving every moment of it......

To get me fully in, I decided to start with something of immense passion to me and abstract art is what gets me excited always.This time around I wanted something colorful.

 This is not stuff to sketch down before working, this type of creativity just happens and you receive it as it turns out.(was not in the mood to sketch nothing anyway)

Getting the colors together and deciding the medium and surface to use was key because I wanted the colors, to run into each other and form a kaleidoscope of colors.

 The only way that could be achieved, was to use different colors of Ink, pouring them patiently on gloss  paper board and watch them run into each other with the least amount of  manipulation and watch art create itself.

 That was an awesome feeling and a rewarding one. It did set some excitement in my mind, pulling out from me a lot more inspiring ideas.

I created a series of seven, of these paintings, gosh! I love that number, it just completes things for me. Any way, here are some of  my Ink inspired moments created in my garage turned studio... Enjoy.


                 MIABO  ENYADIKE          

When the light Switch Cover is Artistic | Artmiabo

When the light Switch Cover is Artistic

Design and interior decorating go hand in hand

You don't have to be a visual or fine artist to be a very successful interior decorator or designer,

 you just have to have the passion and drive to go with the flow.
That is my take on design.

I love to see things differently, and that has always been my drive in design.
 My passion as an interior decorator, with a knack for the quirky is one of the reasons I decided to place my designs on stuff,

 that appeal not only to me but to other people out there looking for something different.

 This time around I have put my designs on light switch covers.
They are not only different, but would raise questions about my intent, and what exactly is she thinking?,or did you not see that? hmm I asked myself the same questions but one thing is certain, I Love Them All!


 Check out these light switch cover designs at 


                    Miabo Enyadike