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The Passionate Artist | Artmiabo

The Passionate Artist Art flexibility and opportunities are what amazes me and truly moves my passion to be more edgy and creative.  PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON  CRUMPLED NEWS PAPER I love, all things art and I mean all things art, music, poetry, design, fashion, books, movies, architecture, a beautiful shop window display, craft, sculpture and even a well presented meal,a good flower arrangement, e.t.c anything that shows creativity to me is Art.                    MIXED MEDIA WITH OLD NEWSPAPER.                 M y latest obsession, with up cycle art is unnerving, but I like being on the Art edge.                             ABSTRACT ART WITH MILK CANS  The Adrenalin rush, that comes with an idea and the possibility to express this idea, in any medium of art is an exciting reward, that I always look forward too.                       OLD  DENIM PANTS TURNED INTO AN ART OBJECT                 T his time around, I have put together a few of the art

Gift Tags Ideas to Make This Christmas | Artmiabo

 Gift Tags Ideas to  Make This Christmas                    Christmas stocking,holly and star tags      R ight now, I am listening to Georgia on my mind by Ray Charles, and wondering how I will cope with all the Christmas markets, out there in Johannesburg, that I have to set up stalls in, and how I intend to cope with making all the little arts and craft bits that would be displayed in these stalls. Christmas reindeer tags Maybe, I should  focus on Christmas greetings, this time around, instead of making a variety of gift items. As I listen to the song, and hear Ray Charles, sing it from the heart, BUY CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS Christmas snowman and snow flakes gift tags YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE CHRISTMAS CARDS BY MIABO ENYADIKE   WHAT PINE CONE IDEAS TO MAKE FOR THIS FALL SEASON BY MIABO ENYADIKE BUY CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS  with such passion, and sincerity, resting his focus only on