Happy new year to all, the greetings and felicitations are a bit late,I'm just happy to be back blogging. 

I have spent, the last couple of weeks cleaning out my very cluttered work space/studio, wondering how on earth I collected all the things.

Since its just me, I have had to repaint the floors and the walls with the hope, that I can keep it that way the rest of the year.

Yeah right! I can see that happening in another lifetime. 

I love the rather empty wall I have created, it gives me the opportunity to take better pictures of my finished work.

mixed media;acrylic on denim pants cutoffs; by miabo enyadike
Also it will give me, an idea of how to display my work on a gallery wall or an exhibition at least. 

I love to create Art with objects as the canvas, for me "It's simply Art the way I see it". Hence the clutter in my work space.

I collect all sorts of stuff, with the purpose of creating Art with them. I use some and the rest, clutters the space and makes my studio look like a hoarders den.

My resolve this year not a resolution, would be to make use of what I collected over the years. Restrain myself from collecting more stuff, until I have worked with all the objects I have, and to be fair at least I have done that so far. 

Put a face on it;mixed media; art by miabo enyadike(unfinished work)

I'm rooting for myself, though no one else is but I'm certain this will work.

I am tired of working in a cluttered and untidy space, where I have to look for my brushes paint e.t.c and wonder where I kept this or that. 

Things are better organised,and are in boxes, that are properly labeled and arranged in a manner that's easy for me to access.

The entire place feels new and I'm fired up, and motivated to work in there and show it off.

Have a wonderful new year and stay blessed...............Enjoy

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