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My name is Miabo Enyadike, founder and CEO Artmiabo for over 30 yrs now. 
I am an International Fine Artist with over 30 yrs as a professional visual artist living and working in Africa.

I create Colorful abstract paintings, I am an Artpreneur, selling my art online, organizing art exhibitions, events and workshops for professional artists, art students and myself.

My Abstract Art is a reflection of who I am and how I see, feel and interpret life issues, I also love my environment and I am bothered about its sustainability. I reflect that in the materials I choose to work with, trying in my own little way to make a difference through Abstract Art.

I love color because it makes me happy, people say I have a colorful and energetic personality, passionate and bold with confidence, that is how I create art in the same way.

As an Abstract Artist who uses a lot of recycled objects my paintings are made on on recycled Smooth paper boards  using mostly Ink and I am Inspired by Picasso.

 I create recycled art using disused and discarded objects with the goal of sensitizing my audience about the beauty of working with the discarded, the environmental impact on the society and the financial reward to the artist and value it brings to the collectors.

I have been interviewed extensively about my work on T.V, Podcast and Print media.

In 2006 I was awarded a Ford Foundation award and grant for contemporary art by the Terakulture Nigeria(Nigerian Institute of Arts).
In 2017 Exceptional Service to Fellow Artist Award by the prestigious College of Art and Design, Yaba Tech, Lagos Nigeria.

I am an Interior decorator and an Art blogger, who writes about my personal views on Art and Crafts. And I organize Art workshops for Artists and Kids.

My Abstract Art Painting Chaos and Confusion was an inspiration used by students in Stafford County Schools and Chesterfield County Public Schools, west Virginia to create sonic sound music as a way to relieve themselves during the virtual learning period, as Covid surged, with the help of www.lightthemusic.com

You can also find Two of my Abstract Art Faces and Expressions of women now in the Permanent Collection of the Musée de Peinture de Saint-franjou in France.
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Fine and Applied Arts Bachelors degree;
River state college of Education/University of Ibadan Nigeria; 1992 ...


Group Exhibition which include:

-Artmiabo Exhibitions:

Artmiabo International Art Festival Amiaf 2022

Others are:
- Ava gallery Cape town South Africa. Artists group show, 2016 & 2017

-Art room gallery, Parkhurst, Johannesburg South Africa. 2018

-Homebaze Parkmore, Sandton, South Africa..2014

- Art-well gallery Chartwell, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2018

-Rotterdam Art Fair, 2016

- Artist popup, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 2019

- Joburg fringe Johannesburg, South Africa.2018

- Parallax Art fair Chelsea & Kensington London, England. 2017 & 2018

- Art Resilience Exhibition, Musée de Peinture de Saint-franjou 2017, 2018. 2019

- Several Solo Art Shows which include:

-Wine and Connect with Artmiabo through Art, 2019, Lagos Nigeria

-Art the Way I see it, Solo Exhibition, 2018,
Lagos Nigeria

-Artist in Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016

-Art in Ink Expressionism, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, 2017

Workshops for Artist:
Artmiabo Art and Social media workshop.
Yaba College of Technology, Sch of Art, Printing and design, Lagos Nigeria, 2017

-Artmiabo Ultimate Guide Course On How To Market Your Art Online, Johannesburg South Africa, 2019

- Workshop for Kids

-Online Art Course
Artmiabo Art and Crafts
Zoom Classes, 2020

Musée de Peinture de Saint-franjou
online Version along side 66 artists worldwide


Miabo has participated in several groups and solo exhibitions over the years most recent ones, include 

-Joburg fringe in Johannesburg

-Rotterdam Art fair, Netherlands.

-Parallax art fair Kensington, London.

-Art Resilience in Musée de Peinture de Saint-franjou, France.

-Art weekend, Abu Dhabi.

-Lagos Art Fair

And My Art is widely collected by collectors everywhere as I am opportune to sell through various online platforms, including Fineart America and my own Art blog- Artmiabo Shop.

Labyrinth Abstract Landscape Painting, Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Portrait of a Woman, Miabo EnyadikeDistant Silhouette, Miabo Enyadike

Blue Silhouette, Miabo Enyadike


Modern Street Art of a Homeless Girl, Miabo EnyadikePurple Hydrangeas growing in a Pot, Miabo Enyadike

Making Abstract by Miabo Enyadike

                                      Miabo in Studio

Girl with a Bowl of Fruit, Miabo EnyadikeThoughts in a Woman, Abstract Art, Miabo Enyadike


Abiye Opuomah, Author

Miabo Enyadike is a talented painter, her art is inspiring and quite often delightfully nostalgic.Her artistic oeuvre are often true to the aphorism that every 'Picture tells a story'. Some of her Art are compelling, while others are haunting. The rest in my view are mostly sublime.  Her Art for the cover or my Book

is a compelling work of pure Genius that depicts the dislocation of a Proud African queen 


Willem Vemeer  

I like and Collect Miabo's Art it is so Colorful and Strong. She always surprises me with her deliberate use of opposite colors to express her opinion about a subject in a way that is compelling, her colorful florals make me happy especially her Tulip Flower Abstract  Paintings    



Flowers in a Vase, Miabo EnyadikeStill Art Flower Painting, Miabo Enyadike

Orange Tulip flowers in a blue Pot, Miabo Enyadike


                           Miabo Enyadike, Artist




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