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Artmiabo Solo Art Exhibition 2017, Port Harcourt Nigeria | Miabo Enyadike

  Artmiabo  Exhibition is in Nigeria and  even more exciting.   I Miabo Enyadike, will be exhibiting a series of Ink Paintings. T he Title of this Exhibition is   'ART THE WAY I SEE IT'. 29th September VIP View 30th September- 2nd October 2017, Public View. Delta Hotel, Port Harcourt, River state, Nigeria.  It is an interactive Art show because the aim, is to draw my audience into the world of Abstract Art and encourage them, to tell their own story around the Art they are viewing regardless of the title, if any.  The Art on display, will not be titled.The guest in the Exhibition, will have to title each Art the 'way the see it and understand it'.  This will be my First  solo Art show in my home town of Port Harcourt, in Rivers State. I can  also say it is some kind of Home coming.  I am  really excited and looking forward to this experience. I invite you to come view my Art and support this creative event.....Enjoy                          

Art Photography Bryan Whitney | Joburg Fringe Art Exhibition

Art Photography Bryan Whitney | Joburg Fringe Art Exhibition The Joburg fringe Exhibition for 2017 in Johannesburg South Africa has come and gone, as one of the Artist who participated in the Fringe this year, I was drawn to the work of one particular Artist/Photographer Bryan Whitney.  In my brief interaction with Bryan, I came to understand his passion and appreciate his work in Photography. With his vast experience in this genre Bryan's work   'Mini Structures: 3D X-rays of Oil Cans,' stood out especially for me at the fringe.. This is what Bryan had to say about his work.... Bryan Whitney and I standing in front of his Installation 'Mini Structures' whilst checking out a silk Print of his. This is Bryan Whitney Artist Statement This collection of x-rays reveals architecture in a surprising form: oil cans used to dispense oil for sewing machines, motors, and other mechanical devices. The simple industrial shapes reveal both similarities

The Joburg Fringe 2017 | Artmiabo

The Joburg Fringe 2017  6th-10 Sept, 2017 This Years Joburg Fringe International  Juried Art Exhibition in Johannesburg South Africa   could not be more exciting, after the applications and Jury outcome, came the real treat the venue!      Victoria Yards,  24 Victoria Road corner Viljoen, Lorentzville, Johannesburg.                                     South Africa.         A 19th century Industrial complex called the Victoria Yard, in the heart of Johannesburg Town.         Side View of the building Facade As I write this blog, right now it is being remodeled into an Artist hub that would comprise Artist Studio spaces, Art galleries and everything Art wise.                                    Bare walls for Artist to Install their Art The actual space for this years exhibition is also under remodeling and construction how cool is that and this space will be occupied by the Joburg fringe for the next 4 days.