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2 Contemporary Abstract Art Expressionist Story | Artmiabo

                                                   2 Contemporary Abstract Art Expressionist  Story.      2 PAINTINGS AND AN ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST STORY UNTITLED ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM PAINTINGS                UNTITLED ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM PAINTINGS  BY MIABO ENYADIKE I thought to myself as I worked  on these Abstract expressionist painting what do I title them? nothing exactly came to mind except a feeling of despair. This years uncertainty as well as the summer of civil unrest and discord, may have played a part as inspirations behind these works, I am yet to fully determine it.  Sitting in my studio and wondering what a year, and all that we have all experienced.  I found myself creating these artworks as a reminder of the year 2020, a year filled with grim and the unexpected, dark clouds eclipsing our lives and so much color taken away from it.                   UNTITLED ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM PAINTINGS  BY MIABO ENYADIKE These Abstract Art Expressionism are an

Top Abstract Art Prints to Shop, By Miabo Enyadike

                                                                                              SHOP THESE ART PRINTS   Beneath the Ocean, by Miabo Enyadike  Top Abstract Art Prints To Shop Abstract paintings are what I do, they are colorful and insert a different perspective of things before us in our minds. I am inspired by nature, humanity and events, I am always inspired by these three things. I let them guide my abstract paintings, that is why using the most pure primary colors to drive these inspirations out there, is my own style of abstract expressionism                                  Butterflies Migration by Miabo Enyadike  SHOP THESE ART PRINTS Here I have curated some art prints from my original paintings and they are now available for purchase, they are all colorful abstracts, depicting different topics around nature, humanity and events. They are all available in Redbubble Store                                                                    Tree of Life by Mia