Arty Vintage design bottles By Miabo Enyadike

Arty Vintage design bottles 

Vintage Paris bottles are what I call this collection of bottles designed with paint, printable, lace and 
mod podge.

 I love the city of Paris because it is an Art destination with a great history. The city's ability to remain relevant in fashion, art, food, luxury, and lifestyle is amazing.

The juxtapositioning of the old and new in the city of Paris is the inspiration behind this bottle collection.

Bottles, bottles, bottles, what can I say I love them! There is so much potential in these bottles, that one wonders if it would ever be completely exploited.

 Decorating bottles to me is an Art form, that, requires total patience and focus, in order to transform a once empty bottle worth nothing at all, to something beautiful with a value attached to it, yes I mean good value of course!.

 I never get tired of working and designing on empty bottles and jars, thank goodness I am not alone in this art form.

 I could completely go blank working on a painting, holding my brush in front of a canvas and wondering what happened to my brilliant idea(artist block) or the same block could come up, when trying out interior decorating ideas for a client or even a design pitch but not designing decor bottles.

For me it is a form of art that is not only therapeutic, but so much fun to create. It is an art form, that has been on for centuries passed on from culture to culture, used for all sorts of purpose and still going strong.

the good thing now is, it all depends greatly on independent ideas and interpretations, as opposed to it been attached to a culture or tradition.

Well crafted bottles can be seen in upmarket stores, and are used as gifts, decor pieces, art pieces for storage and are collected by people all over the world. 

One thing that stands out, in all my years of this art form, is how it never stops to create curiosity, and amazement to people.  

I love that look on the face of someone or people, coming to terms with the fact that this could be the bottle discarded last night! WOW! well there you go, what can I say, except enjoy with me these fab decor bottles I made with all my love from me to you.



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Creative Ways To Sell Arts and Crafts Through Blogging By Miabo Enyadike

Creative Ways To Sell Arts and Crafts

                       Way Home; SOLD Miabo Enyadike



An Artist is one that is creatively free-spirited meaning one that creates a world around themselves that conforms to the life they portray through their works.


Profile of a Woman, Ink Art, Miabo Enyadike,SOLD
Profile of a Woman, Ink Art, Miabo Enyadike,SOLD

The life of the artist is simple yet complicated with ideas on how everything from food, clothing, lifestyle, music, how kids are raised, environment and social issues should be interpreted.

 Most artists create these views through various forms of visual and fine art and it is left for interpretation by the viewer or people in general who view this art and are confused about the Artists intentions and reasoning. 

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Most artist if not all have experienced this confusion from the audience, gallery owners, collectors, sponsors, and family. 

My experience with most galleries, I have shown my work to has been the same attitude of confusion, and a direct attack on my creativity. 

             Assorted Paintings framed in hoops; SOLD by Miabo Enyadike

The criticism is exhausting and I yawn now when I hear them because of how much sales I make unrepresented. 

In the first place, I go to galleries now based on invitation and then I send them my work to view and find out if it suits the gallery so it is not me looking for how and where to sell my work.

After being a gallery owner myself, I know how it works the gallery wants big-name artists that they hope will open sale channels for them I get that and know that. 

Tulips flower; framed in hoops: SOLD by Miabo Enyadike


Create Art and blog about it with Vigor and Pride

As a full time Professional Artist now, without the headaches of owning a gallery, the onus is on me to sell my art directly to the public and create a following, and database that loves what I do and reward me by buying my works.
No one owes me that!

 Over the years through blogging about each art and craft I make, I have built this incredible tight-knit following and buyers that patronize my art. 
This was achieved through blogging, about my art and social sharing of my art blog

 I make sure to explain what my art or craft is about and the reason it was created in the first place. 

My kind of art is color driven, based on original ideas and inspirations, using various forms and styles of art and craft ideas. So I am a multimedia Artist.... 

Workmen Threads  Fabric Manipulation  by Miabo Enyadike SOLD
           Workmen Threads,  Fabric Manipulation  by Miabo Enyadike SOLD


My art/craft are color driven regardless of the medium and material I use to create them, so there is always a story behind each piece of artwork, a story I tell through blogging of my art.

 I blog about every piece of art I create, and I tell the world about it.

 I make sure it is documented through blogging, because google automatically does that anyway with the right SEO. 

 That way, I get through to collectors internationally and locally,then I slowly built a curious audience.

                   Faces in Colors: Abstract Expressionism;SOLD 



 1. Artists need to blog about their work and invite your audience to your world.

 2.Explain why the art was created in the first place, the inspiration.

 3.Write about the Inspiration and objective behind the reasoning of the work they are witnessing.

4.Explain your medium and process, and what art style you are using,write about it clearly and simple.
 5.Simply share your Art story across all the social sharing platforms you are on,as well as emailing and of course with good photographs.

Then be consistent in delivery of your Art story through blogging and you will eventually earn trust and orders, purchases and commissions will follow. 

                        Humanity in Papers:SOLD by Miabo Enyadike

Artists like myself who are unrepresented, owe it to ourselves to blog about what they do and share it with the world.

These are my recent artworks sold to collectors who support me and follow my art blog, a million thanks to them.

Crochet-Art-flowers-in-a-basket-by-Miabo-Enyadike:                             SOLDCrochet-Art-flowers-in-a-basket-by-Miabo-Enyadike-SOLD
         Crochet Art flowers in a basket:by Miabo                                         Enyadike:                             SOLD

                                Miabo Enyadike

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Artmiabo Creative Camp Online Edition 2020 .



We will send you details immediately on Cost, how to Pay and Time.

Course Outline: 

Day 1: Layered Abstract Painting on Paper
learners will be introduced to creating abstract art with layers of magazine paper and acrylic paint on canvas, wood and paper

layered Abstract on wood clip board


Day 2: Learn how to make Bottle decor with tissue paper and acrylic paint 

Decor bottle by Miabo Enyadike


Day 3: Learners will Learn how to create designs on 
T shirts with Stencils/Spray Paint

Day: 4 Learner will show work progress and questions will be answered


Other Information

-Registration is via email:
you will be sent a return email, with Price and Payment details.

- Downloadable Art materials will be made available
via links or sent directly to your mail box close to the camp dates, also materials you will be needing will be sent to you via whats app.

-Classes will run for one hour and questions can be sent later through Whats app. 

-The workshops are flexible, each lesson is recorded so you can download the video and learn if you can't make the live zoom class time. 

-Zoom time will be posted via whats app, once class time is approaching.

-All FAQ can be channeled through email

  for Registration and Payment