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Arty Vintage design bottles By Miabo Enyadike

Arty Vintage design bottles  Vintage Paris bottles are what I call this collection of bottles designed with paint, printable, lace and  mod podge.  I love the city of Paris because it is an Art destination with a great history. The city's ability to remain relevant in fashion, art, food, luxury, and lifestyle is amazing. The juxtapositioning of the old and new in the city of Paris is the inspiration behind this bottle collection. Bottles, bottles, bottles, what can I  say I love them! There is so much potential in these bottles, that one wonders if it would ever be completely exploited.   Decorating bottles to me is an Art form, that, requires total patience and focus, in order to transform a once empty bottle worth nothing at all, to something beautiful with a value attached to it, yes I mean good value of course! .   I never get tired of working and designing on empty bottles and jars, thank goodness I am not alone in this art form.   I could complet

Creative Ways To Sell Arts and Crafts Through Blogging By Miabo Enyadike

Creative Ways To Sell Arts and Crafts                         Way Home; SOLD Miabo Enyadike SELL YOUR ART THROUGH BLOGGING ABOUT YOUR ARTWORKS.... MY ARTIST DEFINITION/EXPERIENCE An Artist is one that is creatively free-spirited meaning one that creates a world around themselves that conforms to the life they portray through their works. Profile of a Woman, Ink Art, Miabo Enyadike,SOLD The life of the artist is simple yet complicated with ideas on how everything from food, clothing, lifestyle, music, how kids are raised, environment and social issues should be interpreted.  Most artists create these views through various forms of visual and fine art and it is left for interpretation by the viewer or people in general who view this art and are confused about the Artists intentions and reasoning.    Most artist if not all have experienced this confusion from the audience, gallery owners, collectors, sponsors, and family.  My experience with most galleries, I have shown my wor


      INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION NOTICE 6TH RESILIENCE ART FAIR. AUGUST 8TH-SEPT 8TH, 2020 Exhibition is Online this Year, 66 International Artists are Presenting their Art and I am one of them. INTRODUCTION We are pleased to invite you to see the 6th International Art Resilience Fair: Watch it Online HeređŸ‘‡ EXHIBITION THEME FOR 2020 In this exhibition presented by Salon International Art RĂ©silience art is not based on illustrating resilience, nor does the artist express through art the state of resiliency. This exhibition is about resilience in art . ABOUT THE EXHIBITION This means that it emphasizes the need for change related to the current situation in which artistic expression finds itself: the randomness, the aesthetics of ugliness and the importance given to the intentionality of the artist rather than to the artist's work. CURATOR'S WORDS Resilience

Artmiabo Creative Camp Online Edition 2020 .

ARTMIABO CREATIVE CAMP ONLINE EDITION, 24TH-27TH AUGUST, 2020 REGISTRATION IS VIA E-MAIL We will send you details immediately on Cost, how to Pay and Time. Course Outline:   Day 1: Layered Abstract Painting on Paper learners will be introduced to creating abstract art with layers of magazine paper and acrylic paint on canvas, wood and paper ******** Day 2: Learn how to make Bottle decor with tissue paper and acrylic paint  ******** Day 3: Learners will Learn how to create designs on  T shirts with Stencils/Spray Paint Day: 4 Learner will show work progress and questions will be answered ******** Other Information -Registration is via email: you will be sent a return email, with Price and Payment details. - Downloadable Art materials will be made available via links or sent directly to your mail box close to the camp dates, also materials you will be needing will be sent to you via whats app. -Classes will run for one hour and questions can be sent