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Abstract Art Paintings to Shop By Miabo Enyadike

  Abstract Art Paintings to Shop   I sat down in my studio wondering about what is the meaning of  social distancing and quarantine... what it is like to be cut off from our favorite  pubs, cafes, restaurants, and malls, and it was surreal.  One moment I am planning to participate in exhibitions in Europe and other parts of Africa, the next thing I know I'm canceling and wondering how?    People gathering disrupted by Social Distancing (People): Abstract expressionism  by Miabo Enyadike. Ink, spray paint, stencil, and marker on paper board Now available in Saatchiart This corona virus has come upon us so rapidly and fast. As an artist who travels a lot, it's just sad reading about the huge loss of lives and lively hood.  Some of us Artist might use this somber and confusing period to hunker down and create some of the most astonishing Art ever seen, while some of us might take stock of our art whilst preparing for the worst!   My challenge is bot

Colors & Pattern Abstract Art to Create By Miabo Enyadike

Colors & Pattern Abstract Art to Create Colors and Patterns Abstract is a way to show how well patterns work alongside color.  To create these abstract paintings: You  will need:  -S tencils  -Smooth Paper  -Water based Ink Colors  -S pray Paints and Our imagination. - Brush -to make playful lines on the painting paper with Ink leave to dry and then c reate Patterns with stencils using spray paint on the paper. And repeat this  process as overlays on paint applied to the paper.  Meaning as you create patterns with spray paint through stencils, you leave it to dry and overlay again with another stencil pattern, using shapes and colors depending on your imagination. The inspiration behind this mixed media art is to create a fusion of patterns enmeshed in colors that represent chaos but instead it is, telling a story about abstract art and how different materials can be used to create art. This Colour and Patterns Abstract series were made w

Abstract painting ideas for beginners

Abstract painting ideas for beginners  STEP BY STEP INK ABSTRACTS FOR BEGINNERS / PAINTING              INK ABSTRACT PAINTING BY MIABO ENYADIKE LEARN  STEP BY STEP INK ABSTRACTS FOR BEGINNERS / PAINTING HERE: I Paint Abstract Art with Ink, my art style is colorful Abstract paintings with Ink and my paintings are made with water-based Ink on smooth paper board. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ WATCH VIDEO HERE To make this type of Ink based Abstract painting on paper, you will need the following. YOU WILL NEED: -Smooth water color paper that allows for Inks to float and not penetrate the paper -Water based Ink paints, - Soft Sponge, - Water, -Small Sized Watercolor Paint Brush, -De-cluttered surface, I mean a table - Plastic wrap -Tissue paper, dab off excess Ink on the paper STEP 1 Wet the Paper surface with a sponge soaked in water STEP 2 Then apply the water based acrylic Ink by dropping little droplets of Ink on the very wet surface. STEP 3 Use as many colors as you can to crea

Blue Shibori Arty Trends and Ideas to Shop By Miabo Enyadike

     Blue Shibori Arty Trends and Ideas to Shop I remember my first Shibori tie dye dress, as an eight year old like yesterday, a Pinafore dress with white lace trimmings since then I have been a fan.  I have attended several Shibori tie and dye classes and created my own patterns. I imagined Shibori Patterns on products and these products fit the bill.   1.Mugs with Shibori Patterns definitely Standout, there is this classic yet traditional look and feel it projects on a drinking mug, coffee or tea never tasted better. 2. Art prints made with Shibori Patterns just stand out on any color wall, because of the striking white infused in between the indigo blue, just imagine a  wall art Shibori on a Pink wall... that is a statement! I can go on and on about these products with Shibori prints on them, but I'd rather you try them out in the Artmiabo Zazzle store where you can click and buy trendy Shibori Products. I have put out a few products that are bestsellers...Check them out bel