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Abstract Art | Eternal Optimist | Artmiabo

Abstract Art | Eternal Optimist   As an abstract artist, when I finished painting this colorful abstract art face painting, stared at it for a while and I immediately saw myself as an 'Eternal Optimist'.                       Eternal Optimist: Abstract Face painting by Miabo Enyadike         Abstract Inspiration is always Picasso driven:  My abstract art paintings always draws from Picasso's thinking of being truthfully different and defying all odds, it just has to be the way I see and feel it. And my interpretation of how I saw and felt the covid pandemic is the art you are viewing before you. As an Artist, I think the pandemic and all the confusion around it made me feel bald somehow, our Fragile Humanity once again is falling apart and everything that we know and love is kind of being taken away from us without a calming remedy or a solution.  My new abstract art painting 'Eternal Optimist' is reminiscent of an abstract art series and blog I did a wh

Ways Art blogs Sell Art | Artmiabo

Ways Art blogs Sell Art Abstract Art: Forgotten Garden by Miabo Enyadike This Art is Available in In Art blogging, you are not limited into one type of art blog. In fact, there are several types of blogs on different art subjects and topic. No matter what topic or type of blog, art bloggers publish content around topics and issues around art that they feel passionate about. For instance, I am an abstract artist, who is passionate about craft and interior decorating accessories, so my artist blogs are primarily centered around art, craft and interior design and decorating accessories and my blog is a business type. Shop Art gifts and decor here Several other art bloggers write about their artworks, others do art Education, art news, artists Information and some write about other artists they interview or admire. Abstract Art: Anatomy, Ribs by Miabo Enyadike This Art is Available in However, artist blogs tha

Gallery wall to Idea copy for Interior Decorating | Artmiabo

 Gallery wall to Idea copy for Interior Decorating                           Curated Flower paintings by miabo enyadike  I create Abstract Art that I love, especially abstract flower paintings, which are Ink-based and colorful.  I know the impact of flowers in our lives and the Joy that comes with a bouquet of flowers, or a beautiful garden.  I paint these flowers with an intent to create that Joy and happiness...that is why I decided to have a small exhibition in my home for friends and family, artists can copy this.  I simply painted a 3 metre wall space in my living room and turned it into a temporary art gallery right in my home and then proceeded to hang my framed abstract art flowers on the wall, at least I tried, though it was a bit tricky as this is my first time but the fun was in the beauty of it all.  This video below will show you how abstract artists can still create and curate at the same time, watch me curate my art in my living room space...Enjoy.            

Art Story Abstract Art | Artmiabo

                                                       Art Story Abstract Art                          ABSTRACT PAINTING: PATH TO NO WHERE BY MIABO ENYADIKE   Abstract Art Paintings, 'A Path To No Where' was an abstract painting series, commissioned by a young art collector. He had collected quite a bit of my work and supported my abstract painting style, but nothing this big.  When I got the call from him saying he was looking for Abstract Art pieces to cover the huge blank walls in his new apartment, he thought about me.                       He referenced my use of colors in an unabashed way that he liked, and that he needed vibrant, colorful, abstract art paintings, in his new home. I have made those types of very C olorful Abstract Paintings  before and they have all been collected privately, so I understood what he meant.                  ABSTRACT PAINTING: PATH TO NO WHERE BY MIABO ENYADIKE    Create something he said, that is abstract, colorful but with meaning.I di

Arty upcycled objects ideas | Artmiabo

                                       Upcycled Denim Artwork, by Miabo Enyadike    Arty upcycled objects ideas                       MEN'S WEAR ART           FOR THE LOVE OF ART    ABSTRACT ART WITH BOTTLES.  M y undying love for all things Art, is what amazes me and truly moves my passion  to be more edgy and creative.       Shop Here                 PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON  CRUMPLED NEWSPAPER     I love, all things art and I mean all  things art, music, poetry, design  fashion, books, movies, architecture  a beautiful shop window display  craft, sculpture and even a well  presented meal, a good flower arrangement  e.t.c anything  that shows creativity to me is Art.                       MIXED MEDIA WITH OLD NEWSPAPER. M y latest obsession, with up-cycled art is  unnerving, but I like being on the Art edge.      ABSTRACT ART WITH MILK CANS  The Adrenalin rush, that comes with an idea

SEO Tips For Artist | Artmiabo

  SEO Tips For Artist Abstract Art Face | Miabo Enyadike                      Art bloggers know that a well-written, entertaining and focused art blog can generate huge volumes of traffic from visitors to our artist blogs. This is one of the basic learning in creative blogging: artist blogs should be focused and centered on a topic and other related art issues. Search engine marketing is simply the process of getting your artist blog and its content sufficiently high ranking in several search engines for your keywords. This would enable your content to generate more visitors to your site from SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. Attention-grabbing content art related titles and sites help users to feel compelled to click on your art link in the search engine results pages and eventually visit you. Additionally, search engine marketing needs a Web site that is optimized for search engines. Normally, this is a Web site that can display a configuration s