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Ways Art blogs Sell Art

In Art blogging, you are not limited into one type of art blog.  In fact, there are several types of blogs on different art subjects and topic. No matter what topic or type of blog, art bloggers publish content around topics and issues around art that they feel passionate about. 

For instance, I am an abstract artist, who is passionate about craft and interior decorating accessories,  so my artist blogs are primarily centered around art, craft and interior design and decorating accessories and my blog is a business type.

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Several other art bloggers write
about their artworks, others do art Education, art news, artists Information and some write about other artists they interview or admire.

                      Abstract Art: Anatomy, Ribs by Miabo Enyadike
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However, artist blogs that are business
oriented are often focused into a single topic for the fact that they need to show and write about their in order to put out there to an online audience, hoping to make a sale and create awareness of their new art work.

Art blogs that are Personal are focused on the personal experiences of the artists.This type of blog targets friends, relatives and people in close contact with the artists. Sales can still take place within this personal space.

             Abstract Art: Tidal Waves by Miabo Enyadike
This Art is Available in Saatchiart.com

I started my art blog as a personal one 11 years ago and it gradually morphed into a business blog, more through word of mouth by friends and family.

An artist blog can cover a wide range of art topics, because of this versatility, several artist  starting to blog about their art.

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Not only can the artists express what they feel about their art works, blogging lends them the opportunity to advertise the artwork to a new audience and also other art product or services
they can also monetize.

                Abstract Art: Autumn leaves fall season
This Art is Available in Saatchiart.com

Artist blogs are new methods of earning income at the comfort of your own home. 

However, that is just the icing on
the cake since blogging can bring lots of joy to
several bloggers for that fact that they can share their art, opinions and thoughts to others and receive advise from them or vice versa.

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So an artist blog could be a personal blog or a business one, the aim is the same to bring awareness to what we create as artists and allow others into our art experience and Journey and along the way make sales or contacts and engage with people who what we do...Enjoy.

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