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Abstract Art | Spring flowers to view by Miabo Enyadike

   Abstract Art | Spring flowers  to view FLOWER ABSTRACT ART, ILLUSTRATION, INK ON PAPER BOARD; SOLD MIABO ENYADIKE . Spring is around the corner, flowers play a huge part in Spring, I paint flowers and enjoy the stunning view of blooming flowers, during the Spring season. I love flowers, but not gardening I have tried to, believe me, read all the books and watched all the garden 'How to shows',  but it's just scary.  FLOWER ABSTRACT ART, INK ON PAPER BOARD, SOLD, MIABO ENYADIKE. I just don't possess green fingers! and the nurturing of plants is just not in me.  I decided to get myself, a garden this spring and a gardener to go with it. FLOWER ABSTRACT ART,  ILLUSTRATION, INK ON PAPER BOARD, SOLD  MIABO ENYADIKE . Someone who would love and nurture my garden, so I will stop taking pictures of my neighbor's garden......                                 My neighbor has a beautiful garden, his garden just seems to grow beautif

Modern Expressionism Art Concepts By Miabo Enyadike

Modern Expressionism Art Concepts  I have been away for a while and truly needed a break and some sort of holiday to clear my head and prepare my mind for my next art pursuit.   I do not know, what I would be doing next,but it's fun sometimes to just relax and reflect on what one has done in the past. And how far, I am prepared to go further into my love for exploring new subjects in abstract art. Also how to juxtaposition these ideas, with my love for creating sustainable art,using recyclable materials. That been said, here are some of my past abstract art, paintings that I enjoyed creating and truly felt a connection with the subject matter or the inspiration that led to the birth of these works. Flowers in a Vase Carnival faces Mother and Child  Universe Imagined Black and White Fashion Tunics  Abstract Silhouette  of a women Flowers in a Vase ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–   Miabo Enyadike