I am so bored, totally bored!. 

I think I'm suffering, from some type of block flu or something,can I really say or think that?that's the question I  have been asking myself.

It could be artist block, writers block, or total creative block because I just stare at materials, and shut down completely. 

This keeps me, occupied with seemingly nothing to do, when there are lots of deadlines to accomplish.

There is an old saying Idleness is the devil's workshop hmmm... then booom! I was introduced to photoscape! by my teenage daughter.

For most middle aged people like myself, nothing is really exciting anymore, life just kicks you in the guts every single day.

This discovery, say what you want was what I needed, after my teenage daughter insisted on rescuing me with photoscape.

        Before             and               After

I have never heard of it before, any digital work, is done for me by a graphic Artist. It was an awesome feeling. 

Before                                  and                              After

That awesomeness I was feeling alone, made me want to do something, nothing really much but something to snap me out,of this block and keep the devil out of my workshop certainly.

Well for starters, I decided to play with some of my abstract paintings and digitally alter them, 

for poster designs and see how well, it can be applied, in other areas of my design projects. 

Well here you have it, what can I say, this is what I came up with.......Enjoy.

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