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Abstract Art Sonic Music | Artmiabo

                                                                                                 This Abstract Art Made Music From Far away Richmond, Virginia, Eastern United States, my Abstract Painting had just been developed into a Sonic Music aid to support teachers, students and parents experiencing virtual learning, by At Light The Music, I didn't know anything about it either, still in total shock...for one, I live in Johannesburg how is this possible?.... I received the news today....Read the statement I received below and watch this unbelievable amazing Art form....Enjoy...God bless all of us helping one another...without knowing, in these times. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ WATCH VIDEO CLIP HERE ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ STATEMENT FROM LIGHTTHEMUSIC.COM Howdy! 2 things: 1 - Virtual learning is a massive challenge for educators, students, parents... (heck life is a challenge right now, can I get an Amen?) So this is just an opportunity t

Pine cones Ideas to Make By Miabo Enyadike

                                      Pine cones Ideas to Make  Fall season is on and falling leaves and pine cones are everywhere. Pine cones are really what gets me because they are already decorative in structure and are visually appealing, so it is easy to collect and re-purpose, these pine cones into something more lovely and trendy for the home.  The different ideas shared here in this blog are  pine cones I have made over the years and ideas that are easy to create, with a spray paint, adhesive glue spray and glitter and there you have them.  Also you can follow my Pine cones board on   Pinterest:     for more interesting ideas from other Pine cones enthusiast and learn how you can make the most of this fabulous gift from nature. CHRISTMAS PINE CONE HANGING CHRISTMAS PINE CONES CHRISTMAS SNOW PINE CONES YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE HOW TO DECORATE WITH PAINTED PINE CONES '                                        COLOR RUSTIC PINE CONES                                 GLITTER

Holiday Greeting Cards for Christmas Season | Artmiabo

Holiday Greeting Cards for Christmas Season  Christmas holiday is around the corner, shopping starts soon if not already.  To remind your peeps and friends you love them and they are in your orbit, send them these Christmas post cards and greeting cards with your own words of Peace, love and Joy.  You can order them from my online stores. Click each photo to view and buy.   Merry Christmas Holiday Card by artmiabo Peace, love, Joy Merry Christmas Card by artmiabo Love, Peace, Joy Pine cones Merry Christmas Card by artmiabo Vintage Rustic Merry Christmas Postcard by artmiabo Merry Christmas Card by artmiabo Merry Christmas Card by artmiabo pine cones elegant postcard by artmiabo Merry Christmas Holiday Card by artmiabo Christmas Card by artmiabo Christmas greeting holiday card by artmiabo Christmas Tri-Fold Holiday Card by artmiabo                                   Chestnut the Reindee

Contemporary Abstract Art Carnival Faces By Miabo Enyadike

    Contemporary Abstract Art  Carnival Faces   The other day in my studio, I was working on a bunch of bottles. I was at the final stage and that was spraying the bottles,with gloss or Matt spray paint. ART FOR SALE Carnival face Mask series; Abstract art Illustration; mixed media; miabo   enyadike . *More Info on this art in I do that normally on the wood surface I work on, but decided otherwise and placed a white paper board, on the wood surface before spraying. That was weird, for me because I am not that organised, I want to get things done and fast already. I started spraying the bottles and noticed that the spray, formed shapes after every bottle sprayed. That created, very colorful abstract geometric shapes of squares and circles. These shapes, came off the bottom of the bottles, that covered the area, the spray fumes did not reach. I must say, it was an exciting discovery, that I was creating craft, while art was creating itself effortlessly.