AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist Samson Ogundeji | Artmiabo

 AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist

Samson Ogundeji is a Higher National Diploma graduate (2010) from Yaba College of Technology. He is a full-time studio artist and a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists. He is a fact-finder communicating his emotions erupting from socio-cultural, political, and economic situations in the African continent seeking a lasting solution.

He started as an expert visualist and has created illustrations for the wedding ceremonies of the daughters of the Nigerian Vice President Mouhammed Namadi Sambo (2013), and also Nigeria' Centenary in ASO ROCK and ICC Abuja (2014). The former studio assistant of master metal sculptor Dr. Adeola Balogun has gained relevance to himself with his unconventional semi-abstract polychromatic works of art. At first glance, the artworks of Samson Ogundeji ignite the senses of the audience. They are striking for their visuals and multiplexes out of the ordinary technique. Samson' participatory artistic method offers more creative depth to engage issues that affect Africans daily. Some of the themes he explores are timelessness of aging, the human mind's healing abilities, and the subordination of the female gender in a monopolized patriarchal African society.

His exploratory mixed media works push the boundaries of discarded materials using leftover fabrics, plastics, and other waste materials in the production of environmentally sustainable artworks. Samson Ogundeji has executed painting and sculptural commissions across Nigeria and in Ghana. He is the recipient of the Recycle Art Competition Award organized by Sterling Bank Plc. He is the first Nigerian sculptural artist to build a cave in a prestigious hotel (Hotel Bon Voyage, Victoria Island, Lagos State) in Nigeria. Samson' collectibles will be on display from Thursday, the 27th of April, to Monday, the 1st of May 2023. Set post notifications for updates on ticket and merchandise sales. We are glad to have secured the partnership of CABAL, PIQL, JCDECAUX, EBONYLIFE PLACE, WAKANOW, WAKAEVENTS, RO-MARONG, AND MICHAELANGELO.

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AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist Ganiyat Abdulazeez | Artmiabo

 AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist Ganiyat Abdulazeez

Ganiyat Abdulazeez explores a diversity of media spanning pastels, graphites, charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, and oils (being her most favored). In her recent works, she incorporates a distinctive floral motif - believed to have a deep connection with her childhood experiences in her portraits. 

This recurring phenomenon in her work is called jatropha multifida (coral plant). The plants are known to have many healing properties, some of which she had benefited from while growing up. 

Ganiyat believes that every part of the body needs healing, being poor or rich, white skin or black skin, every mankind yearns for healing, even the animals, in a way or another. She affirms that God created all plants for human and animal benefit. Also concealed in them are diverse healing properties right before the existence of drugs and injections. 

Ganiyat Abdulazeez is a visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated with a National Diploma from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology in 2017 and went on to earn a Higher National Diploma in the same school in 2021.

From Thursday, the 27th of April to Monday, the 1st of May 2023- Abdulazeez Ganiyat's works will be displayed as part of the 2023 Artmiabo International Art Festival themed "artofafrobeats". 

Set post notifications for updates on ticket and merchandise sales. 



AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist Azeez Salami | Artmiabo


AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist

Azeez Salami's works have been exhibited at Now You See Me, Now You Don't at the Eclectica Contemporary Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa,  2022; Ecobank Pan African Centre (Art Exhibit) at the Tim and Carol Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria, 2021; etc. His spurring artworks are in private collections in Lagos, Nigeria; The Dougan Collection in the United Kingdom; and Somewhere Collection in Austria. 

Azeez's investigative style of art and role as a social reformer has earned him a grant with the Sahara Center, Cultural and Tourism Sector Relief Assistance (2020). He is the 2018 First Runner Up for the Nigerian Student Art Competition. 

Currently, Azeez is preoccupied with drawing inspiring effects from International chess pieces that he uses to depict the strength, bravery, authority of Africans and her numerous kings and queens from a civilized culture that existed long before the influence of foreigners. Thus, Azeez's artworks are visual re-branding of Africans in the way he wants them to be perceived. 

To him, the game of chess is a perfect metaphor of life because it denotes the individuality and significance of each person, exactly like every chess piece; a lawn as a role to play similarly to the queen. 

Azeez's paintings are collaborations between chess pieces and human figures, which he employs to challenge his onlooker and supply optimism in a stimulating manner. 

With his favored pallet colors, Azeez's works supply calming and peaceful vibes. Additionally, his restorative pieces ceaselessly stir Africans and colored people of the world to be optimistic in the midst of challenging political times and social issues. He does this using the medium of oil and acrylic. 

The application of oil sometimes makes his idealistic paintings come across as dreamlike. But overall, Salami Azeez overwhelmingly impressive paintings communicate his confidence in the future of Africans and colored people around the world. 

He has been featured by Thisday and Okechukwu Uwaezuoke's ArtBeatNG in a review titled "Where there is art, there is hope." And in 2019, his works were also included in an Arthouse Channels television report by the award-winning journalist Melinda Akinlami. 

Upon the completion of his O-level, he proceeded to Yaba College of Technology, where he received his Ordinary National Diploma in Fine Art. Before he was admitted by the University of Lagos (where Azeez Salami is presently a student), he was mentored by Damilola Opedun, a Lagos-based reputable painter.

Artmiabo Intern’l Art Festival 2023 opens on the 27th of April and ends on the 1st of May 2023. The 2nd edition themed "artofafrobeats" will be held at Ebonylife Place. 

Kindly set post notifications for updates on ticket and merchandise sales. 

Also, stay tuned for more information on awardees. 

Thank you to CABAL, PIQl, JCDECAUX, ROMARONG, MICHELANGELO  EBONYLIFE PLACE, WAKAEVENTS AND MULTICHOICE for their backing in making this edition bigger

AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist-Popoola Nurudeen | Artmiabo

AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist-Popoola Nurudeen

Sponsored by El Anatsui, in 2022, Popoola Nurudeen exhibited an off-exhibition in Senegal's Dak'Art Biennale as a top prize-winner in the Life in My City Art Festival.
While his artworks are easy to love, they focus on expressing and stamping the modernity of Africanism. Popoola's practice is centered around creating a reverie visualization of African youths, male or female, as a call of clarion to maintain the identity of their heritage.

He is the winner of the World Bipolar Day Art Competition (2018). He has been featured in exhibitions by Didi Museum (Passing on The Touch, 2012); the Lagos Art and Fashion Exhibition (2015); United Nations Information Centre (2017); amongst others.
Popoola is the overall best-graduating student in the School of Art, Design, and Printing, Yaba College of Technology Lagos, 2016. Also, in 2014 and 2015, he received the award of Best Student in Painting.

He is a former lecturer at The Ultimate University Porto Novo, Benin Republic.
He had his first solo exhibition "EVOLVE" in February 2021. His works have been collected both by reputable galleries and art collectors.
Popoola Nurudeen is set to display his adorable artworks as one of the beneficiaries of the Artmiabo International Art Festival's free slots opened to promote fast-rising emerging artists.

Set post notifications to receive updates on AMIAFSLOT2023 artists, galleries, and individual participating artists who have secured a booth at this year's festival themed: "artofafrobeats."
Watch this space for information on ticket and merchandise sales.


AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist Faith Michael | Artmiabo

 AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist

Faith Michael is a self-expressive contemporary artist whose painted delineations are highly enthralling for their undisguised photographic poise. Starting out as a fabric and masking tape artist, she is presently devoted to creating unsentimental depictions that are mostly in figurative silhouette and naked fashion brushed up with whispered yet conversational themes.

d_art_cidental_artist career started out of a divine orchestration that occurred during her course registration for the Joint Admissions Matriculation's Board (JAMB), where she mistakenly selected visual art. That accident will then become the beginning of the path to fulfilling destiny and purpose. After graduation from the Auchi Polytechnic School of Art and Industrial Design in the Department of Painting, she committed herself fully to visual art.
Her works are creative attempts to explicate the voices of her characters, who are largely female, on canvas. Her paintings offer strength to women who struggle with self-belief and evoke impassioned scenes from her perspective of life or wherever she exists at a particular time.
Mentored by master artists: Uzoma Samuel and currently Wallace Ejoh, Faith Michael has gained mastery over the illusion rendering technique of volume on a two-dimensional surface.

She has participated in various group exhibitions such as Sheroes National Art Competition organized by UNESCO Abuja (2020), Patches of Cloud organized by Afiong Ebekpo (2020),Embassy of Spain (2021), IVTH international online art exhibition by NIRANTAR (2021), Art at OUIDA (2022), Through my lens organized by The Content Gallery (2022), Sister’s art (2022).
Starting from Thursday 27th April to Monday 1st May 2023, Faith Michael, alongside 11 other AMIAFSLOT2023 artists will be exhibiting their "artofafrobeats" musings at the Ebonylife Place for the 2nd edition of the Artmiabo International Art Festival.
Set post notifications for ticket and merchandise giveaways, including updates on other exhibiting Artmiabo International Art Festival artists and galleries.

AMIAF 2023, Participating Artist Oladele Ogbeyemi | Artmiabo


 AMIAF 2023, Participating Artist Oladele Ogbeyemi 

Oladele Ogbeyemi sometimes surreal masterpieces are in the private collections of a Belgium Ambassador and the King of Morocco. In 2011, he won the Ben Enwonwu Foundation (BEF) award in Sculpture. He is a full-time experimental visual artist and a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA).
A mentee of master metal sculptor Fidelis Odogwu and trainee at Universal Studios of Art, Oladele Ogbeyemi has further established himself as a celebrated recycle spokesman through his revolutionary found-metal sculptures.
He uses retired household tools and scrap metals to achieve his rhetorical methodology surrounding the social, cultural, political, and economic attitude of Africans towards the reuse of waste and its proper management.
His expertise as a draughtsman and painter has greatly empowered his passion as a disciple of recycling to produce abnormal collectibles. Hence, his selection as one of the AMIAFSLOT2023 visual artists from over 100 entries received from all around.

Oladele Ogbeyemi deviant pieces will be exhibited at the 2023 Artmiabo Intern’l Art Festival themed "artofafrobeats" from Thursday 27th April to Monday 1st May 2023 at the Ebonylife Place, Victoria Island, Lagos State.
More to come... 😍❤️😇
Set post notifications for updates on AMIAFSLOT2023 selected artists, ticket, and merchandise sales.
A big thank you to our sponsors CABAL, MULTICHOICE, PIQL, JCDECAUX, and EBONYLIFE


Family Circle Abstract Art - A Beautiful Addition to Your Home Decor | Artmiabo

 Family Circle Abstract Art - A Beautiful Addition to Your Home Decor

Family Circle Abstract Art is a stunning piece of artwork that captures the essence of family and togetherness in a unique and captivating way. This beautiful piece of abstract art features bold colors and shapes that symbolize the connection and love shared between family members.

Family Circle Abstract Art | Miabo Enyadike

Perfect for any room in your home, this artwork is a beautiful addition to your home decor and a reminder of the importance of family. Available in a range of sizes and formats, this artwork is a must-have for anyone who values the beauty of abstract art and the meaning of family.

Family Circle Abstract Art | Miabo Enyadike

Bring the Family Circle Abstract Art into your home today and create a beautiful and meaningful space for you and your loved ones.

Title:Family Circle Abstract Art

Medium: Ink on Paperboard

Size: 100 cm x 90cm

Style: Abstract Art

Artist: Miabo Enyadike


AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist- Adeniyi Adewole | Artmiabo


AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist- Adeniyi Adewole

Adeniyi Adewole was a participant in the 8th edition of Rele (Gallery's) Arts Foundation Young Contemporaries 2023.
At a quick glance, his works strike the viewer as absurd. However, with deep scrutinizing, the paradoxical valuables become comprehensible and more astounding.
Tapping into the wisdom of Africa's past and the wokeness of today's contemporary lifestyle of Africans, he sculpts fabulous dramatic narratives. He is one of few visual artists who have mastered the art of dimensional storytelling.

Adeniyi's pieces are wild evidence of a disruptive artist intentional disregard for restraints to what is expected or familiar. At the same time, his artistic musings are exceptionally remarkable considering the exotic characteristics his works possess.
Objectively new, his works are different from what we are used to. Hence, his selection as one of the 12 beneficiaries of Artmiabo International Art Festival's AMIAFSLOT2023.

Starting from Thursday, the 27th of April, when Artmiabo Intern’l Art Festival officially opens- Adeniyi Adewole's arousing works will be on display till the 1st of May 2023.
Thank you to our sponsors: CABAL, PIQL, JCDECAUX, EBONYLIFE PLACE, AND MULTICHOICE for being a solid part of this year's excellence.


AMIAF 2023 Participating Artist - Sotonye Jumbo | Artmiabo

 AMIAF Participating Artist

Sotonye Jumbo is a new-fashioned visual artist from River State, Nigeria. In 2017 and 2018, he participated in Bruce Onobrakpeya's Harmattan Workshop. Sotonye further interned in 2020 at the Bruce Onobrakpeya (art) Foundation.
In 2018, he was selected alongside Anthonia Nneji and Omofemi Oluwole et al
as part of the pioneering TOP TEN finalists of the Next of Kin art competition and exhibition by Thought Pyramid Art Centre.

Sotonye Jumbo's representative pieces are multicultural. Predominantly, each of his characters on canvas is a balanced embellishment of the ensuing cohabitation possibility between individuals and extraterrestrials. The sophisticated half-jovian part person subjects are mostly styled in human clothing, sometimes executing household tasks or just gazing at the onlooker in a cool, funky pose.

A transcendence of consciousness is required to grasp the celestial subjects in his intensely good works that are divergence from mainstream culture.
Sotonye's works are lovely and playful pondering on the relationship that exists between inhabitants on earth and those of the physical universe beyond the earth's atmosphere.
Starting from April 27th to May 1st, 2023- AMIAF guests from around the world will enjoy the space-like works of Sotonye Jumbo.

Can't wait to see you at the festival...