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 Print making Art Ideas to View 

My Creativity as an Artist, expands to prints of all sorts. I try to see Art, in different ways and I enjoy a hands on approach, to creating prints out of my original Art. 

My go to method, is screen printing and stamping letters with hand cut letter stamps. It always reflects originality and creativity, when the screen printing is an original idea from the Artist and the ability to create your own fonts, is equally lovely.

 I always use old newspapers or smooth paperboard, for this type of Art and craft because with the newspapers, it adds texture to the background and contrast as well. 

While with the smooth paperboard, it creates a smooth clean gloss finish, that gives the Art a professional print finish, it is fantastic!.

This craft, has an appeal for me because I can create miniature pieces of Art, for sale with this.

It is a simple and easy method, Artist who are cash strap or just being innovative can create cute inexpensive Art and craft items for sale.

This is because you, can screen print or stamp on 
T shirts, cotton and silk fabric, paper and simply create a fashion and stationery brand....just saying.

 I appreciate, the time spent on this kind of Art because it is absolutely rewarding. 

 Once you get the hang of it and understand how, to use your materials effectively it works out well.

 I always use water based ink and sometimes acrylic if I'm stamping, I apply the acrylic paint directly on the stamp and then try to reduce the paint on the stamp, by stamping on a paper I'm not using, to effectively reduce the paint on the stamp until it is okay to stamp on the artwork.


 Lately, I have extended my letter stamps, to my original abstract Art work. I will show you in my next art blog, how I have incorporated stamps into Artworks I create. 

I hope you enjoy stamping and creating, screen prints of your original Art, for sale as gift items........Enjoy!

Miabo Enyadike

Art Photo Exhibition My Perspective by Yunusa Tanko Abdullahi | Artmiabo

               Art | Photo Exhibition


It's always heartwarming when Artists support and acknowledge fellow Artists and it enhances much more creativity and mutual respect. 

I am a fine artist and I enjoy the works of other artists regardless of their medium. Art just brings a certain kind of joy and calm to my being, I am not an Art critic! 'I am a lover of Art'.

That brings me to Photography an art form I love and recently, I have been looking at the Art Photography of my friend Tanko Yunusa, a well-traveled professional broadcaster and certified photographer with a passion for documenting nature and its inhabitants.

 His photography captures the essence of nature's beauty and the spectacle of traditional festivities around his culture. He brings his audience into a place they wish to be or an event they would be delighted to be part of by just viewing and studying his unique take on photography. 

As a color artist myself, his love of color and true appreciation of how color plays an important part in our lives and senses are what makes his work unique in my humble opinion.

 I am not much of a photo critic, I just enjoy good Photography and Tanko's perspective in Photography is one we can look at and enjoy...check out more of Tanko's photography on his Instagram account -@yunusatankoa

Glimmer of Sunset







Stocked Shores

Without a tide

Brief Bio of Yunusa Tanko Abdullahi

Yunusa has a genuine passion for broadcasting, photography as well as content creation. He holds degrees in English Literature from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and a Masters from the University of Lagos. He has over 25years’ experience in the Media, Public Relations and photography.

Yunusa Tanko

Yunusa started as a broadcaster with the Nigerian Television Authority NTA before attending the prestigious London Academy of Media and Television where he bagged a diploma in photojournalism.


He also has certification from the London School of Photography and the Photo Opportunity Studio in Camden, London.

His photographic interest lies in a humanistic approach, exploring social aspects and promoting change through photography. He is curious to investigate possibilities offered by the medium using photographs as a platform for further discussion.

Cityscape of Qingdao

His photography involves telling stories, raising awareness and creating discussions. Yunusa’s rich career has seen him render high service to the National Film and Video Censors Board, German Deutsche Welle radio, FRCN, and The cable News.




Fluid Acrylic Painting Ideas | Artmiabo

      Fluid Acrylic Painting Ideas 

 Art is the Way I See It, my own way. I create art I love and my Art is color driven and is made with any medium, material, and surface that appeals to me. 

My life as an Artist is filled with innovation and possibilities on ways to enhance my creative process on different surfaces using different mediums and materials paying homage to different art styles and techniques out there.

 I am always willing to learn something new and use it in my art process. My Artstyle is abstract art, mainly abstract expressionism and my go-to medium for that is Ink on smooth paperboards that's it. 

Lately, I have decided to apply more interest to my creative process by working with Acrylics and oil paint, hence these fabulous colorful Acrylic fluid paintings I made on wood blocks and ceramic cutting boards.

My medium of choice and materials were no mistake, after watching several lessons on acrylic pouring art online I knew it was something I'd love to create and add to my Art collection.

 I chose to create this fluid acrylic art on objects as opposed to canvas or paper because I knew it would be unique and easy for collectors of my art to collect.

 I wanted something that was easy to use as a decor piece and can be an instant art gift without the usual back and forth. They were all made to be sold.

 I am always on the lookout for something different to add to my artstyle without deviating from my core principle of a color driven painting whatever the medium or surface I will be using to create art, I stay true to my art core.

 The texture is also one of the reasons I was very interested in researching acrylic fluid art or pouring art, I was curious about what can of texture it would produce and how to achieve that.

 The creation of cells with pouring acrylic paint was really fascinating, I tried that with my own pouring technique, not sure I quite made it but it's my first try I hope to do better but nevertheless, I am still excited to share these paintings with everyone, I hope we are all excited together well...Enjoy 


Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Art | Nature, Society & Humanity | Artmiabo

Abstract Art | Nature, Society & Humanity 

Abstract Art is an expression or impression, of how an Artist interprets what they see in their own way regardless, of the norms. That is my own true definition of an Abstract Artwork.

These abstract Art paintings were created from that same mindset and expression, on how I view a situation, an issue, a person, nature and events. 

I tell my story with color and express them in Abstract. 

                                           ABSTRACT PAINTING
                                           Distorted Society

This Abstract Art painting  is inspired by  how our society is represented  in the eyes and minds of many, who already have a distorted view about the society we live in.

                                      ABSTRACT HUMANITY
                                           Title: The Journey

This is an abstract art painting in Ink on paperboard describing life's journey, into the unknown. The Ink medium indicates the flow of issues, we as humans encounter on earth.

                                 ABSTRACT NATURE
                                          Title:Nature's Colors 

This artwork is depicts a young girl with a bowl of fruit, in the summer. Her bright color clothing shows she is outdoors and involved in a summer gathering of some sort.

Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Street Art Ideas | Artmiabo

 Abstract Street Art ideas 

Abstract Street Art Ideas| Miabo Enyadike
Title: People in the streets

  Modern Abstract Street Art   

Abstract art painting of people, in this series color, is the base for these artworks. This series is all people-centered, people we meet on the streets and can relate to easily.

Abstract Street Art Ideas| Miabo Enyadike
                      Euphoria Street Art / Abstract Art by Miabo Enyadike

 I have pulled my inspiration directly from the streets with a simple question to myself as one who loves to document street life with my camera, What makes the Streets inspiring and Authentic?

Abstract Street Art Ideas| Miabo Enyadike
                Curated Series: People on the Streets art by Miabo Enyadike

People we meet on the Streets... we say hi and move on, faces that we remember, faces we don't remember, the storytelling, the food vendors, the coffee shops, the fashion and colors, that homeless man... that's just life on the Streets...People we meet!

Abstract Street Art Ideas| Miabo Enyadike

*like this Street Art? Get it

I decided to create these street paintings with one vision in mind, faded street art like the ones we see on disused and weather-beaten walls or buildings. 

I painted my art with this in mind, giving the artwork an effect of aging and weather-beaten graffiti look you find underneath flyovers and concrete bridges

                             Woman-Street Art by Miabo Enyadike

These worn-out graffiti paintings, are what I look out for on the streets because you can see beneath an artwork other layers of colors from older artworks that were painted previously, competing with the artwork on top as it fades and wears out because of the weather.

                              Art gallery
Abstract Street Art Ideas| Miabo Enyadike

 I needed to create that kind of effect on some of the artworks in this series to resemble that vision. 

Abstract Street Art Ideas| Miabo Enyadike
Woman- Street Art; by Miabo Enyadike

I used Ink, spray paint, fabric lace as stencils all applied recycled smooth paper boards for all the artworks. 

Abstract Street Art Ideas| Miabo Enyadike
             Curation of the Series in Situ: People on the Streets art by Miabo Enyadike

The mixed-media effect with my use of bold colors indeed created the vision I have about the streets, whether it is street markets, fashion streets, busy streets, rundown streets downtown, all streets in general, is that getting out to the streets can be very inspiring for the creative mind...Enjoy.

Miabo Enyadike


Mixed Media Art | How to Repurposed Jean Pants | Artmiabo

Mixed Media Art | How to Repurposed Jean Pants 


I love to use denim as a creative  medium  for Art and also craft. 

Armed with my brushes, Paint and Glue the possibilities are endless. 


Used denim pants are my thing, the possibilities in terms of creativity is just awesome. 


First and foremost it is a soft version of canvas, so it is easy to absorb paint and you can create all sorts of textures on it.

 It is easy to sculpt into a desired effect and it really lends itself,

 to any creative process or possibilities, an artist is prepared to go with it and I love that!.

 I'm never tired of working with used denim,  it already has structure by way of the cut,  stitching and design. 


So for me as an artist,who looks out for small art projects that involve, working with any surface out there, it is a wonderful dream come true.

 I would not call it recycling, I would rather see my creativity with used denim pants as working with objects, to create Art that I love and enjoy.


Along the way, hoping to stir an emotion if any, in the minds of other creatives,

       'Life of workmen' mixed media abstract art; miabo enyadike

as myself or inspire art lovers in general......Enjoy.