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Stamp and Printmaking Art Ideas to View | Artmiabo

Stamp and Printmaking Art Ideas to View   My Creativity as an Artist, expands to prints of all sorts. I try to see Art, in different ways and I enjoy a hands on approach, to creating prints out of my original Art.  My go to method, is screen printing and stamping letters with hand cut letter stamps. It always reflects originality and creativity, when the screen printing is an original idea from the Artist and the ability to create your own fonts, is equally lovely.  I always use old newspapers or smooth paperboard, for this type of Art and craft because with the newspapers, it adds texture to the background and contrast as well.  While with the smooth paperboard, it creates a smooth clean gloss finish, that gives the Art a professional print finish, it is fantastic!. This craft, has an appeal for me because I can create miniature pieces of Art, for sale with this. It is a simple and easy method, Artist who are cash strap or just being innovative can

Art Photo Exhibition My Perspective by Yunusa Tanko Abdullahi | Artmiabo

               Art | Photo Exhibition UNTITLED BY YUNUSA TANKO It's always heartwarming when Artists support and acknowledge fellow Artists and it enhances much more creativity and mutual respect.  I am a fine artist and I enjoy the works of other artists regardless of their medium. Art just brings a certain kind of joy and calm to my being, I am not an Art critic! 'I am a lover of Art'. That brings me to Photography an art form I love and recently, I have been looking at the Art Photography of my friend Tanko Yunusa, a well-traveled professional broadcaster and certified photographer with a passion for documenting nature and its inhabitants.  His photography captures the essence of nature's beauty and the spectacle of traditional festivities around his culture. He brings his audience into a place they wish to be or an event they would be delighted to be part of by just viewing and studying his unique take on photography.  As a color artist myself, his love of color and

Fluid Acrylic Painting Ideas | Artmiabo

      Fluid Acrylic Painting Ideas    Art is the Way I See It, my own way. I create art I love and my Art is color driven and is made with any medium, material, and surface that appeals to me.  My life as an Artist is filled with innovation and possibilities on ways to enhance my creative process on different surfaces using different mediums and materials paying homage to different art styles and techniques out there.   I am always willing to learn something new and use it in my art process. My Artstyle is abstract art, mainly abstract expressionism and my go-to medium for that is Ink on smooth paperboards that's it.  Lately, I have decided to apply more interest to my creative process by working with Acrylics and oil paint, hence these fabulous colorful Acrylic fluid paintings I made on wood blocks and ceramic cutting boards. My medium of choice and materials were no mistake, after watching several lessons on acrylic pouring art online I knew it was something I

Artists keeping up with their art techniques | Artmiabo

Artists keeping up with their art techniques   Artists keeping up with their art techniques  What is Your Art Style? The Artist, especially the fine Artist is one that communicates their raw and true emotions through their work.       Lemons in a blue bowl, Abstract Expressionism by Miabo Enyadike This Abstract Art is available for sale here   The talent that  is birth through these kinds of emotions from the Artist, is the Artwork we see them create time after time, giving it relevance regardless of their personal social status. This for me is the definition of  the Art style of  an Artist.   Consistency is key as well as fluidity, an ability to play with all mediums and still be recognizable is the defining factor of an Artist with their own style.                  Circles of Fire; Abstract Art; Ink on paperboard; Miabo Enyadike. Your Art style is not a trend!  but one that is given to the Artist as a personal vision and its instructed from within, so much that ev

Abstract Art | Nature, Society & Humanity | Artmiabo

Abstract Art | Nature, Society & Humanity  Abstract Art is an expression or impression, of how an Artist interprets what they see in their own way regardless, of the norms. That is my own true definition of an Abstract Artwork. These abstract Art paintings were created from that same mindset and expression, on how I view a situation, an issue, a person, nature and events.  I tell my story with color and express them in Abstract.  My Art is influenced by Pablo Picasso , Henri Matisse , Jasper John and Robert Rauschenberg.                                            ABSTRACT PAINTING                                            Distorted Society This Abstract Art painting  is inspired by  how our society is represented  in the eyes and minds of many, who already have a distorted view about the society we live in.                                       ABSTRACT HUMANITY                                              Title: The Journey This is an abstrac