Contemporary Abstract Art on Platters to view by Miabo Enyadike

   Contemporary Abstract Art on Platters to view


Abstract Art on a plate is one project I enjoyed working on. I always love to work on new surfaces and experience new ideas. 


These abstract paintings done on plates with a textured background where inspired by the texture that is found on old decaying buildings falling apart.

 These buildings, have this fascinating  
 mixture of different layers of paint mixed with damp wallpaper, and peeling walls.

 I am into old buildings, they are intriguing and fascinating to me.

 Last week, I visited a 120 yrs old building and the texture and patina on the zinc shed in the yard, with different shades of reds and browns was really rich. 

The main house was once a small manor and the same could be said for the walls, for there were layers and layers

 of a peeled surface, each showing coats of paint, mixed with wallpaper installed by previous inhabitants of the property.


Each former owner, putting their mark on these walls.

While others that were present, saw decay and sighed, I saw unintended Abstract Art in the making and I love that. 


 I was inspired, to recreate my impression of these walls on plates............. Enjoy.


                               Miabo Enyadike

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