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Meet The Founder Of ArtMiabo | Exclusive Interview By  Bukky Bello    Monday, March 16, 2015     0 Comments     african ,  arts ,  crafts ,  nigeria   Permalink   1 Miabo Enyadike is an Artrepreneur, Interior designer & decorator and an art blogger. She is an awardee of the Ford Foundation Prize and grant for Contemporary Art by the Nigeria Art Institute Terrakulture, in Lagos Nigeria. She is the founder of ArtMiabo. Q & A Brief info about who you are and what you do. My name is Miabo Enyadike. I am a top International artist, the founder of ArtMiabo (since 1992). My unique Art style is to work with different mediums, to create art and craft from simple objects which is collected by patrons all over the world. Miabo was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria in West Africa. I have a Bachelors (honours) degree in fine & applied arts since 1992. What’s your favourite piece of work that you have created? (Including a photo would be great!) There ar


The inspiration, behind this art I'm blogging about is fashion week. Dress' Art illustration Fashion Series by miabo enyadike This is happening all over the different fashion capitals. Dress' Art illustration Fashion Series by miabo enyadike   I have as usual followed all the shows through the Internet, magazines and TV specials and I'm loving every one.                           Tunic' Art illustration Fashion Series by miabo enyadike I view fashion, any day as work  of art. The entire process, to put out a collection is really fascinating, with a bit of mystery.                                Model' Art illustration Fashion Series by miabo enyadike The level of creativity and vision, translated into wearable art, is really worth taking a moment to applaud these designers.                             Dress' Art illustration Fashion Series by miabo enyadike They determine our entire wardrobe and f


  My home is my sanctuary, art gallery and art studio/family house so I live and breath Art.  I want to live in constant inspiration and ideas, I love to wake up in that kind of space. Natural light plays a huge part in my home, as light helps to project my Art giving my living room a gallery feel. But come evening, I just want to relax with my family, cook dinner and enjoy the evening in calmness. And that brings me to my Vintage Mannequin Stand I decided to turn into a night lamp stand.  I Love different light designs, for me, it completes an interior. Beautiful light fittings, say a lot about the design aesthetics of a room and creates, a certain type of drama and ambiance in that room.   When I bought, a metal mannequin for my studio, a lamp stand, was the furthest thing in my mind.  I used it solely to hang knitted bags, beads and clothes. Early this year, I decided to embark on creating a reading space with only things I love. Then, it occur