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Flowers Art Gift Collection Ideas For Events. by Miabo Enyadike

Flowers Art Gift Collection Ideas For Events.   Flower illustration by Miabo Enyadike There is no secret, that I just adore flowers and plants.This love for flowers is baked in my Art aesthetics. I love to draw, paint and illustrate flowers the way I see them.  Spring Edition by artmiabo Most of my illustrations of flowers and plants, are created with Ink and water color, because it is the medium I love to paint with.  Color matters a lot, in my flower paintings and I express them in abstracts,still life and contemporary styles.  Spring Edition by artmiabo This edition of products that I have designed, reflects my affiliation to nature and its influence on my Art.  Spring Edition by artmiabo I termed this collection of flower paintings, my spring collection because this is spring, and there are so many lovely flowers springing up around us in our homes and  surroundings. Purple flower Favor box by artmiabo Spring Edition Gift Ta

Abstract art purple garden flower accessories to shop By Miabo Enyadike

Abstract art purple garden flower accessories to shop      Abstract artists, always depict a subject in an unusual way creating a different narrative about a familiar subject matter.  In my research on flowers, which I love dearly and have painted in all mediums severally, I found a perennial purple flower  Lapeirousia oreogena   which is home to South Africa. It is quite a small flower but quite striking to look at.  I loved it immediately when I saw them in a friends garden and I decided mentally, to paint it in an abstract expressionistic way.  For me it was more about the bold purple and also the ways,I could further preserve it in my memory and how I was going to use this abstract art floral painting.  It turned out to be a beautiful abstract art painting. I then decided to place it on products in my  Zazzle store where the products are available   for purchase. Flowers always brings a silent message with it, as a present, a gift, a painting or even on a product and that mess

Fashion illustrations art ideas to view By Miabo Enyadike

Fashion illustrations art ideas to view Fashion illustration is fast becoming part of mainstream Art, you find artist who have no connections, to the fashion industry or are the least interested in fashion, creating drawings, illustrations and paintings of fashion wear. I think it is simply, the fact that a lot of Artist are now understanding that Fashion is Art and it tells its own story in a distinct and artistic way.  Also a lot of Artist, are now on digital platforms that allows for them, to create fashion with their Art and also opens doors for them to put there Art out there.  I happen to be one of those Artists, who loves fashion illustrations and fashion as a whole, I take it seriously as an Art form.  I have made quite a lot of Ink paintings, in this regard and I am sharing a few of them with you, in this blog.   You can buy and collect them as well, they serve as fabulous office and home wall decor. Besides, it is an original Art, not a print.

Art Exhibition To Inspire | Artist blog By Miabo Enyadike

                                                                                      Art Exhibition To Inspire | Artist blog These past few weeks, had me preparing and getting ready for one of my most ambitious and revealing Solo exhibitions yet, as an abstract artist, who creates art on any material availed to me. I say ambitious because I was going to 'Show and tell' to an Art crowd, that is new to my kind of free-spirited way of creating Art, where boundaries and textbook definition of a fine artist just doesn't exist. The Art I exhibited, consisted of Ink Art on Paperboard, Newspaper and brown box paper. Others included Jeans Sculpture pieces and rope Art and textile Art. Creating Art from discarded items, is different and relevant when it is both functional and conveys a message to the audience in its presence. Jeans Art It was a tricky and nervous pitch, I made to my audience. letting them into a very personal journey of mine, on why I create