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By - Miabo Enyadike

Pen and Ink Flower Drawings  

Tulips in glass vase

I never get tired of these drawings each time I view them in my Ink portfolio I just love them again.

                                                             Saffron Flower

I was inspired to draw them a while back after reading, a vintage book on English garden flowers I bought in a hospice store.


Eucalyptus Plant 

They where drawn on white watercolor paper, with black ink and pen with 0.4 mm tip. 

                                                                  Daisy flower

 The most pleasant feeling about these drawings, is they just remain fresh and enjoyable to have. 
                                                                Cowslip (primula veris)

Botanical art, are trendy mine is in black and white with a modern twist,I do love all botanical drawings they are beautiful to behold.

Tulip flower

I share mine with you.....Enjoy 

Aster flower


Marigold flower

Pansy Flower

Sweet Pea Flower


Dianthus sp. Flower


Spring Wedding

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