Bald Eternal Optimist by Artmiabo

By - Miabo Enyadike

Bald Eternal Optimist  

As an abstract artist, when I finished painting this colorful abstract art face painting, stared at it for a while and I immediately saw myself as an 'Eternal Optimist'.

Eternal Optimist: Abstract Face painting by Miabo Enyadike

My Abstract Inspiration is always Picasso driven:

 My abstract art paintings always draws from Picasso's thinking of being truthfully different and defying all odds, it just has to be the way I see and feel it.

And my interpretation of how I saw and felt the covid pandemic is the art you are viewing before you.

As an Artist, I think the pandemic and all the confusion around it made me feel bald somehow, our Fragile Humanity once again is falling apart and everything that we know and love is kind of being taken away from us without a calming remedy or a solution. 

My new abstract art painting 'Eternal Optimist' is reminiscent of an abstract art series and blog I did a while ago titled Fragile Humanity, I could see a semblance in these artworks, made in different times to address different situations the similarity in both is our shared humanity! and the fact that it is under threat.

Eternal Optimist: Abstract Face painting by Miabo Enyadike

Our lifestyle is falling away from us before our very own eyes, every day we wake up is just another huge loss of life and livelihood,  it just feels like a huge hair loss but even worse because we can't Wig it or Win this!. 

It's almost impossible to fathom how? when our humanity is so laid bare by a virus plucking at us making us bald in all areas and making us doubt what we believe and who we are. 


And then it occurred to me as I stared at my colorful Abstract art painting that our shared humanity is at stake but it is kept alive by our optimism about life, family and those we love and cherish, is what keeps us going.

Eternal Optimist: Abstract Face painting by Miabo Enyadike

Applauding our doctors and nurses as they fight this unseen enemy, keeping our social distancing, helping the elderly and innovating new ideas and ways to extinguish this virus, also praying that this baldness ravaging our Fragile humanity stops. 

Knowing in our shared humanity that we are all in this together, please stay safe and to all artists out their, the world needs are recorded art of these times as future historic references.


Miabo Enyadike

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