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Vintage lace Mini Wreaths by Miabo Enyadike

Vintage lace Mini Wreaths   It is no secret, to close friends and family that I love to collect their lace fabrics, to use for Art and craft.  I am a fine and applied Artist, who is so in love with applying objects and fabric to my Art and craft and lace, I use for it's texture and delicate look and feel.    Lately lace, has come into play in my Art and I love that but this blog, is about shabby chic which we know is a lacy affair.  I created these lace flower hangings, with plastic embroidery loops, that can be hung in a home with shabby chic interiors and accessories.  Black and Red lace may not be the favorite color of lace for shabby chic decor, I beg to differ because I see color and would love, to bend the rules to add a splash of color here and there to an all white, cream and beige, accessories in a shabby chic theme. I'm still working on this project will keep you posted when I