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Nigerian Contemporary Artists to Watch out For. Art blog by Miabo Enyadike

                                                       New Nigerian Contemporary Artists       NEW NIGERIAN  CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS TO LOOK OUT FOR. Nigerian Fine Artists have come a long way, in Visual Arts, these new Contemporary Artists are 'Myth Busters' that African fine Artists need, international intervention to be relevant.  Right here on home soil they have changed that belief and have created a recognizable relevance, that puts them at par with other international Artists   They have shown through raw grit and hard work, that it is possible to be relevant in this art space, without international assistance and still make a mark.                                 Related Content  These Nigerian Artists have created artworks that cuts across all genre of visual arts, while living in their home country of Nigeria,creating a narrative about what is the new Nigerian Art.    They have innovated new ways of how we view Nigerian fine art and Artists, by applying the n