How to turn plain old vases to Art objects using Fabrics by Miabo Enyadike

It is no secret that I enjoy creating Art with  discarded Jeans pant. 

If and when I collect a few Jeans pant, I immediately create art with it. It is easily accessible and durable and very easy to manipulate and use for any creative purpose no matter the idea.

Working with old denim pants for me, is a way of giving life back to a material that is so versatile yet resilient.

And all you need is 
1. Old pair of Jeans
2.Glue(A lot of glue)
3.A mold
4. Acrylic Paint

Wet the denim fabric,cut it and saturate it with glue and mold it around the object you intend to enhance or recreate, for me is bottles or pots.

I try to use discarded objects as the moulds for this denim Art.

Leave it to dry for as long as it dries out stiff,strong and well formed.

Then apply paint on it. 

*Note: The mold which is the pot, remains inside! because the jean pants is glued to it. 

Do you know that a good pair of Jeans is like a trusted friend?, ever willing to go the extra mile with you or for you.

 It experiences ups and downs with you and is truly unassuming yet very present. 

It is one outfit, that we can all wear and feel good, comfortable and relaxed whether in a high power situation or a down trodden one it's just perfect.

The more it wears off the better it looks, now the more ripped and rugged the Jeans looks the better and way expensive.

               Miabo in her work studio; Johannesburg.

We know when all our outfits fail, our faithful Jeans will carry the day for us once again, serving us with dignity and love.

My main Art aesthetics is collecting discarded objects and resurrecting them into Art. The Jeans pant, has played a very major role in my creativity and I love that.

 I try to see life in these Jeans pant beyond it been worn, because if they could literally speak, the stories they would tell would be remarkable.

 So I see it in the light of an object whose story and Journey keeps evolving from been a fashion statement to Art.....Enjoy

                  MIABO ENYADIKE