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Meet the International Art Caravan Exhibiting at The Artmiabo Art Festival

Meet the International Art Caravan IAC Exhibiting at The Artmiabo Art Festival The IAC international Art Caravan will be exhibiting artworks of three artists according to the founder Eric Burdin. These artists all have one thing in common they are West Africans and we are thrilled to have their Art on display at the Artmiabo International Art Festival. Eric Burdin      Founder International Art Caravan: IAC IAC: International Art Caravan aims to promote Art & Culture worldwide by organizing amazing and exciting art events physically or virtually. At the Artmiabo International Art Festival in Lagos Nigeria (April 29th - May 1st 2022), we present 3 talented African painters:: - Judah Jibrin - Nigeria - Clement Mmaduako Nwafor - Nigeria - Franck N'Goran - Ivory Coast You can also find the artists from all over the world of our IAC network on our website : Brief Artists Biographies              Artist biography: Judah Jibrin - Nigeria Judah Jibri

Artist Profile, The Six Decades of Prof.Bruce Onobrakpeya | Artmiabo

  Artist Profile, Celebating The Six Decades of Prof.Bruce Onobrakpeya: Artmiabo International Art Festival, 29th April-1st May, 2022. Lagos Nigeria. As a practicing artist myself, I can only dream of the accomplishments of Prof Bruce Onobrakpeya's achievements in Art. A profession where very few accomplished artist live to see and enjoy their esteemed handwork.  As Prof. Bruce Onobrakpeya, turns 90 years old this year, the Artmiabo International Art Festival, will be celebrating the life and huge achievements of this great living African Art Legend.  He taught us artists here in Africa to dream big and made us understand in no small terms that art is indeed universal, crossing borders, to bring awareness to unrelated cultures, showing us that the core of creativity is indeed human. Prof Bruce, will be exhibiting a Select number of Artworks for this event and a birthday celebration will be held in honor of this great Statesman, Artist and the Grand master of Printmaking. Profile an