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Artist Sculptor Segun Okewumi Art blog Miabo Enyadike

My blog today, is profiling a young artist, barely in his twenties whose work I have come to love and respect. I met this young fellow in one of my workshops for Artist and since then I have followed his work. The kind of sculptures he produces are fresh, innovative and fascinating to look at.  The subject matter he interpretes, in his work is expressive and deals with everyday events, that include humanity and culture and those are issues that matter to me, that is why I am a huge fan of his work.  Segun, is innovative in his sculpture pieces, it is easy to see what inspires this young and emerging Artist, he is inspired by his mum, women, and experiences in his society as well as metal objects. His use of nuts and bolts, mixed with metal objects to tell a story through sculpture, is an inspiration in itself. Segun, has been involved in several exhibitions, showing his works to an audience that truly appreciates, his narrative about the society he inhabits

Modern Map of Africa Concept art idea by Miabo Enyadike

      Modern Map of Africa Concept art idea Africa  Africa is my continent, one that  I love and cherish, the eclectic mix of cultures and people is beyond imagination.  Every country in Africa is unique to its people, culture and origins that's why the continent, is always a draw for people to visit and explore.  My Africa, is a place where  resilience is inborn not acquired, you inher it that!.  Family is everything  and you support each, other no matter what.   I love my Africa,  the dusty streets, the simplicity of the people,  the ceremonies that last for days with no reason at all, except the need to celebrate a cultural event.  The communal feast and the beautiful array of colors that is reflect in our culture. Africa is rugged, no matter where you see it, from Cape to Cairo that is what makes it interesting and fascinating, to want to experience this ruggedness and just want to embrace it and polish it, into something beautiful.  The entire cont

Abstract Art | People, Events & Life by Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Art | People, Events & Life When I create Abstract Art, I always want to tell stories that resonate with people, lifestyle and events that we are witnessing and are part of. These artworks that I have created s um it up.                                 Abstract Art mixed media; Passage by Miabo Enyadike. In this series, 'Titled Our Lives In A Flash,' I have made Illustrations of an African woman determined to succeed against all odds, a Family Bond and Human Diversity.                                                   Our Lives in a Flash' Abstract Art, Illustration by Miabo Enyadike                                                  (SOLD) These are issues that we see playing out in our lives daily, the need for the Woman in Africa to succeed cannot be over emphasized enough.  The Unbroken bonds in families everywhere have proven to be vital in our societies because it creates more positive and social values in our communities.