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My blog today, is profiling a young artist, barely in his twenties whose work I have come to love and respect. I met this young fellow in one of my workshops for Artist and since then I have followed his work. The kind of sculptures he produces are fresh, innovative and fascinating to look at. 

The subject matter he interpretes, in his work is expressive and deals with everyday events, that include humanity and culture and those are issues that matter to me, that is why I am a huge fan of his work. 

Segun, is innovative in his sculpture pieces, it is easy to see what inspires this young and emerging Artist, he is inspired by his mum, women, and experiences in his society as well as metal objects. His use of nuts and bolts, mixed with metal objects to tell a story through sculpture, is an inspiration in itself.

Segun, has been involved in several exhibitions, showing his works to an audience that truly appreciates, his narrative about the society he inhabits through the sculpture pieces he creates.

Brief Bio of Segun Okewumi

A young Visual Artist whose specialty is sculpture.
Segun okewumi was born on the 28th of May, 1996.He hails from Oyo State(southwest, Nigeria). He had his early education in the ancient city of Ibadan, before proceeding to yaba college of technology where he obtained his National Diploma in Art. He is currently a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria in pursuit of a degree in Art  (B.FA )Honors. 

His mother, has been a great source of inspiration to him, that has opened a fountain of creative impulse on several occasions. His works radiate Empathy for the underprivileged in society.
 Bursts of human activity, often fire his vibrant imagination and he has special reverence for motherhood were he likes to celebrate, mothers and women generally in his works.

Segun okewumi, frequently expresses, his artistic philosophies in recycled media and is attracted, to sculpture because of its three dimensional view and the level of concentration that sculpture inherently requires.

Segun okewumi, would like to be noted for his uniqueness, freshness and contribution to social reform. He derives particular joy, from what he creates, with the use of discarded objects and the response, each work receives from the  viewing audience.

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                                      Miabo Enyadike


Modern Map of Africa Concept art idea by Miabo Enyadike

      Modern Map of Africa Concept art idea


Africa is my continent, one that  I love and cherish, the eclectic mix of cultures and people is beyond imagination. 

Every country in Africa is unique to its people, culture and origins that's why the continent, is always a draw for people to visit and explore.

 My Africa, is a place where  resilience is inborn not acquired, you inherit that!.  Family is everything  and you support each, other no matter what.

 I love my Africa,  the dusty streets, the simplicity of the people,  the ceremonies that last for days with no reason at all, except the need to celebrate a cultural event. 

The communal feast and the beautiful array of colors that is reflect in our culture. Africa is rugged, no matter where you see it, from Cape to Cairo that is what makes it interesting and fascinating, to want to experience this ruggedness and just want to embrace it and polish it, into something beautiful. 

The entire continent, is filled with huge potential, to make an impact and difference,I love that!.

 Having being exploited for centuries, it has left the continent weary and burdened, but the shine and attraction has never been defeated.

There is always something fantastic, coming out of Africa and that's it's people!. Our unrelenting resilience to be recognized, in the world stage is a huge factor in this rugged continent.

 My Art on Africa, expresses how I see the continents individual countries, tribes and ancient civilizations, lumped together, by colonialism.

Whereby people who had no clue or idea, about who we are or why we are, except  their poor unfortunate understanding of geography, decided to sew us up together and name us Africa. 

We are a people of different races, culture, habits, religion, educational aspirations and  origins.

From time to time, these differences, rears their ugly heads and transcends into tribal and ethnic wars that ravage societies, in the continent almost to extinction.

With that been said, we still rely on folklore and tradition to maintain, our different cultures and ways of life, as practiced by our forefathers.

 The mixed Media Art, I created tells this story just looking at it. It is made out of Jeans pants, stitched together with cotton ropes, and painted with acrylic paint, in very big brush strokes that appear rough,to give that street look of ruggedness. 

Then the ropes, are used again to create texture on the painted jeans. The jeans, signifies the defiance and resilience, of the African people despite all the misgivings, the continent has had to bear for centuries. 

The textured ropes, indicates the mishaps the continent, continues to grapple with, which seems endless and stands in the face of this fascinating  continent.

 These issues include wars, famine, corruption, diseases, that somehow overwhelms, the true beauty and potential of the continent.  

The vibrant mishmash of colors, are an indication of our colorful heritage, that is reflected in our diverse cultures, food, textiles and lifestyles, all through the continent.

We all know, how hard wearing Jeans is, which we wear everyday,it takes all the hard knocks, and even when discarded, can still wear prove its  usefulness. 

That, is why worn Jeans pants, are my inspiration and  the main material for this project. I used
 (20 pairs) of Jeans to be exact. 

To me, its hard wearing nature lends itself well, to this project, of my narrative of how, I see my Africa. 

The use, of these every day materials for this Art project, was because they are  fascinating, they draw curiosity and ignite creativity that extends imaginations, when viewed. 

As Art, the aim is to bring the audience into this narrative and that was achieved, when I exhibited this work in my recent solo exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria. 

This is how people see Africa from the outside, rough, dangerous, yet fascinating and beautiful.

 My Africa, may be rugged but it is resilient and indeed beautiful, like a work of Art filled with abstract theories and interpretations that are based on how you see it.....Enjoy.

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         Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Art | People, Events & Life by Miabo Enyadike

Abstract Art | People, Events & Life

When I create Abstract Art, I always want to tell stories that resonate with people, lifestyle and events that we are witnessing and are part of. These artworks that I have created sum it up.

Abstract Art mixed media; Passage by Miabo Enyadike.
                           Abstract Art mixed media; Passage by Miabo Enyadike.

In this series, 'Titled Our Lives In A Flash,' I have made Illustrations of an African woman determined to succeed against all odds, a Family Bond and Human Diversity. 

           Our Lives in a Flash' Abstract Art, Illustration by Miabo Enyadike
                                    Our Lives in a Flash' Abstract Art, Illustration by Miabo Enyadike


These are issues that we see playing out in our lives daily, the need for the Woman in Africa to succeed cannot be over emphasized enough. 

The Unbroken bonds in families everywhere have proven to be vital in our societies because it creates more positive and social values in our communities. 


 There should also be empathy for those who are different or who we see or think are different from us. We must understand that 'Diversity is Human'. No two persons are the same, we must embrace our differences, that's life! simple and short.

Woman Determined Abstract Art Illustration by Miabo Enyadike
                              Woman Determined Abstract Art Illustration by Miabo Enyadike

These three issues are the inspiration for these abstract Illustrations and they are part of the conversations I am having now..... I hope you enjoy viewing.

Family Bond'  Abstract Art Illustration by Miabo Enyadike
                     Family Bond'  Abstract Art Illustration by Miabo Enyadike 

Diversity is Human Abstract Art Illustration by Miabo Enyadike
                 Diversity is Human Abstract Art Illustration by Miabo Enyadike


                                    Miabo Enyadike

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