Original Abstract | Art Prints to Shop By Miabo Enyadike

Original Abstract | Art Prints to Shop


labyrinth                                                  flowers in a Vase
Abstract by Miabo Enyadike                       Art by Miabo Enyadike               


Vegetation                                                      Flower
Abstract by Miabo Enyadike                             Art by Miabo Enyadike

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                                    Red flower print                                         
                                    by Miabo Enyadike                                               



    Flower Prints                                                       Flower Prints
by Miabo Enyadike                                              by MIabo Enyadike


Wall Art Prints

Wall Canvas Art                                Wall Canvas Art          

Abstract Wall Art                                              Pink Abstract wall Art
by Miabo Enyadike                                             by Miabo Enyadike

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Miabo Enyadike

Yellow & Pink Tulip flower Art to view by Miabo Enyadike

Yellow & Pink Tulip  flower Art  to view

Tulips by miabo enyadike
Pink Tulips by Miabo Enyadike SOLD

Every once upon a time, the Artist tries new stuff either in painting style or framing. This summer for me has been a huge discovery of many things an Artist can engage in and changes that can be applied to Artwork. 

Tulip flowers,by Miabo Enyadike
Yellow Tulips by Miabo Enyadike

One of such discovery for me was the use of embroidery loops to frame my medium-sized art on canvas. The thought of that was exciting in itself and the actual finishing was even more appealing.

So this has somehow morphed into my new go-to frames for medium and small-sized Artworks, they are like magic. Apart from giving my Art a 19th-century look and feel, they are easy to install and weigh practically nothing.

 It is easy to pack lots of them on international travel and Art buyers love them... Art is dynamic I love that and the simplicity of it all is awesome...Enjoy

                                                  Miabo Enyadike