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The Art of Found Objects in Sustainable Living | Artmiabo

The Art of Sustainable Living Sustainable living, Found Objects, Recycling,  Up-cycle, Eco Art, call it whatever has been my life style as an artist for many years.  My attitude toward the discarded found object is reflected in my home.  I collect used bottles, books, distressed wood, pine cones, used jeans, used clothing, used plastics and so many more to create art and design for homes, collectors and my store.  My home forms an integral part of my art process, because I work and live in the same space as the Art I sell. My early inspiration came from Jasper Johns early works where he used mostly found objects to create art.                          Cross Made out of Wood, Egg Shells and Egg Crates Then I moved on to be inspired by street art here in Africa through my travels across the continent.  I discovered really moving and inspiring art, created with found objects that we take for granted by poor street artists,  whose art galleries are are in the streets, under trees, under o

Arty Street Fashion to Shop By Miabo Enyadike

Arty Street Fashion to Shop The best Arty street Summer fashion Explore beautiful and Arty Summer wears for this season real street artist inspiration clothes 2021                     Sheer Wrap DESIGNED BY:  Miabo Enyadike    This sheer kimono-style wrap comes to the knee and drapes beautifully over a swimsuit or summer dress. Perfect for festivals or the beach. $180.00 USD         Yoga Capri Pants DESIGNED BY:  Miabo Enyadike    Original artwork embellishes our four-way stretch, mid-rise printed capri pants designed to make you stand out at the gym, in the studio, or on the go. Each capri legging is hand-cut and made in California .$85.00 USD CLICK AND SHOP IN STREET CASUALS                 Cashmere Silk Scarf DESIGNED BY:  Miabo Enyadike    Custom printed with original art, our cashmere silk scarf adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Responsibly made in India from a blend of cashmere and silk. $105.00 USD                         Stat