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Decorative craft ideas to make with fabric by Miabo Enyadike

Decorative craft ideas to make with fabric  I love craft, it is no secret. I enjoy revamping and creating functional items practically from objects and materials around me.                                  Fabric For me it is a way to unwind from fine Art, which sometimes could weigh on one's emotions, especially when the art you want to create is not turning out the way you envisioned.  I always turn to craft, it gives me comfort in these types of situations.                            Covered bowl Right now, I'm going through one of those Artist block moments and I'm a bit emotional but my first love, craft is holding me down until I pull through. This time it is fabrics, I collect quite a lot of vintage fabrics for use in  Art and Craft. Fabric I find myself in flea markets, charity stores looking for those vintage sample fabrics, with lots of colours,bold patterns and prints on them.  They are hot right now and ca


ABSTRACT ART, MAZE PAINTINGS, BY MIABO ENYADIKE Art for me is expressive and deepens the narrative on issues and situations we find ourselves trapped in. These abstract art paintings, that I have made, tells the story. Maze, Abstract Art, Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike Our world is built around a maze one that we either create for ourselves or one we find ourselves trapped in. Life puts us in those situations, that make us wonder how we got there, in the first place and why me?. Maze, Abstract Art, Ink on paperboard by Miabo Enyadike   We run back and forth thinking of these issues, but find out at the end, we are still in them no way out. Up to 15% off                    When we look at issues that affect our lives globally, no matter what is promised, we are still in them. Maze, Abstract Art, painting by Miabo Enyadike These could be climate change, economic meltdown, senseless wars, migrant issues, poverty, unk


MY IMAGINATION   ABSTRACT ART BY MIABO ENYADIKE  The other day, I sat in my studio and I let my thoughts and imagination take over me as usual, thinking about all the subjects I love to draw or paint and why I paint or draw these particular subjects always.  ABSTRACT FACES BY MIABO ENYADIKE I discovered that I am a people watcher whatever that means, I just love to watch people, their expressions, attitude, bravado and in general how they relate to events or situations around them.           UNTITLED; INK ON PAPERBOARD; MIABO ENYADIKE. When I'm out jogging, I look at the expression on the faces of other joggers, then I'm satisfied that I 'm not the only one with the expression of pain kind of.    UNTITLED; INK ON PAPERBOARD; MIABO ENYADIKE   When I'm shopping or out eating it's the same, I just look at expressions on the faces of people it tells me if they are happy or satisfied being in that place at that time.        

Online Abstract Art Exhibition to View

   TITLE; FACES OF HUMANITY ARTIST STATEMENT; The exhibition is a simple narrative of  faces and expressions of  people and humanity, by artist Miabo Enyadike on life and events that affect us as people. These faces are  expressed in abstract art. ABOUT THE ARTIST;  Miabo Enyadike, is a fine Artist whose work  is primarily centered  on humanity and lifestyle.  Her work lays emphasis  on color and  abstract expressions. It is interpreted, in her own subjective visual impression,  leaving no boundaries,  except an idea of the  subject matter.  Miabo is a graduate of fine and Applied Art  Education, an art blogger, a ford  foundation  Art award recipient and an  author. Check out more of Miabo's Art in                               Defiance; Ink on paperboard; Miabo Enyadike Jekyll and Hyde; Ink on paperboard. Miabo Enyadike SOLD                                  "BOY "  ACRYLIC ON PAP